Parents both have phd's

>parents both have phd's
>combined income of $500k/year
>own numerous rental properties and have a $5 million net worth
>spend most of their days traveling the world

>I barely graduated from a liberal arts school
>wagecuck for $20/hour at a job I hate
>borderline autistic and social anxiety my whole life
>kissless virgin

Why does anyone believe the genetics meme?

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Because genetics is more complicated than simply who your parents are.

I bet your mother had you in her late 30s.

Learn programming OP. It's the easiest way to get out of the rat-race meme.

Why do your parents hate you? Did mom catch you smelling her undies?


Fuck off faggot, try earning minimum wage an hour.


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>Why does anyone believe the genetics meme?
cut you losses and learn trading. you have enough room for mistakes. start with $100 or paper trade.
ask your parents to help you, because jesus fuck they supported you for liberal arts.

otherwise larping and sage

Just kill your parents lmao


can you ask your parents what coin to buy plz

I already bought crypto last year, made 10x and then pretty much lost it all and now I'm back where I started.

dude, competition among men is a meme now.

Seriously, you don't even need to be physicaly stronger anymore.
And by the way brother, if you focus on 1 thing, and really drive yourself to excel at it (i know this sounds super unreasonable, and you probably won't want to do this) you'll be happy.

Girls don't want dudes that are over competitive either. Pick a thing.

You're a guy dude, could be worse.

don't forget to buy TRX before testnet.

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Can anyone explain?
Is there an effect on genetics when you are born that late?
I tried googling it but could not find anything.

OP btfo lmao

I bet he will screaming this information at his parents in tears later today kek

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I wish eugenics didn't have such a bad rep
one of the reasons why I won't have kids is because my genetics are terrible and I refuse to place that burden on someone else

When you stop trying that’s when girls will want you, that and when you own trx

Genetics only account for maybe 15% difference in success rate, 85% is environmental. They are a meme, hereditary performance has been proven to fail. Right now there are niggers who's parents lived in mud huts with way more money than you

The older the woman is the higher the risk a kid will have autism

Don't bother paper trading. You don't learn any emotional control when you're not risking real money.

>borderline autistic and social anxiety my whole life
>Why does anyone believe the genetics meme?
Literally because of this. You have poor genetics, probably your granparent or uncle was a depressed alcoholic or whatever.
Take the fucking meds your anxiety IS GENETIC.

T. bipolar

I am unironically an admin in bipolar chat and I fud having children lol

The people in that video are the ultimate wagecucks. I might be poor, but at least I don't have it as bad as those guys.

Nah, my grandparents all had successful careers in STEM as well.

It doesn't matter really, you may be the first retarded generation.

>Genetics only account for maybe 15% difference in success rate, 85% is environmental.
You got a source on that bud, honestly it seems like the opposite is true. Twin studies are also a thing so that doesn't really help your case and a few outliers doesn't mean shit.

Why do you think their success has anything to do with talent?
Meritocracy is bunk.

it's easy to yolo 100x on BitMEX and eventually hit it big
not so easy in the real market

>the first retarded generation
More like the last. I'm obviously never going to have kids.

Success has to do with talent in a vast majority of cases. You are too dumb to see talent if you think otherwise.

Just wait for your parents to gift you the inheritance. you're fucking set for life

Why user? I don't need a degree to be become an artist nowadays. God sake.

I'll probably be in my 60s by the time they die, so what good is having money then when the majority of my life has been shit?

you don't need*

Some of us just are losers desu...
Parents both have phds, sister phd, and I just got accepted to a master in political science at 35...
I always tested above 125 iq, speak 3 languages fluently, well read.. but I just can't seem to put everything together to make it. Anxiety is probably the main cause, I tend to stay in safe bubbles that keep me from realizing my full potential.

In the end, those who have made it don't seem much happier, maybe just less conscious of their own shittiness.

But you have to work on that kissless thing.. I've never been in that situation, girls always liked me, but just try something... go to a bar once a week and talk to a girl that is in your league. See what happens. Then go further, invite her to your place. If you don't know what to talk about, just ask her questions..

I don't even care about women anymore. I've taken the path of nihilism. Women are nothing but a waste of time and money.

why arent you asking them for money instead of making r9k tier threads on Veeky Forums?

lol all of these PhDs lamenting about their lives while I sit here playing video games and masturbating in my mom's basement

>Right now there are niggers who's parents lived in mud huts with way more money than you
This is true. N*rdic subhumans are living in socialist paradise while I am wageslaving

What is your job OP?
Why are you making more than me when I hold a stem degree?


It sounds like you have gotten everything handed to you pretty much your entire life. You have not suffered or stepped out of your comfort zone. Thats where the magic happens. Move to a third world country for a couple of years and wagecuck, forget about the internet and live life. Experience new people and places. Learn a martial art or get into fights. Give yourself a year or two to do this and you will see changes.

Because they're greedy people and would never give me money while they're still alive.

Don't forget to go all in on link so when you come back you will have made it.

Sounds boring and completely pointless. If I had enough money to never have to work again, I would be living like a neet and playing video games all day.

Kek r9k btfo

Put me in the screen cap

user, your parents still love you

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