What’s his portfolio?

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grape soda

25% THC
25% POT
25% DOPE
25% CANN

100k fetanyl overdoses

and yet another clown, who the fuck is this schmuck?

trippie redd
he's pretty cool

The degenerate monkey they got to replace the last 1000 degenerate monkeys that came before him

t. salty soyboy

I like him too. Dark knight dummo is hard

looks like a stupid goon like the rest of em

All in on Reddcoin


yeah buddy, i work 40 hours a week for a living, own my own car, work out 4 times a week.... I conceal carry a gun everyday because i have to share the world with "people" like you and "trippie redd"


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they kinda have to share the world with you by the sound of it

you scared of a nigga that likes pokemon and weed?

so is it white kids hiding behind 15 layers of irony that spam these hacks or is this site really just full of shitskins now?

kek you are white trash

Big 14 know what the fuck goin on


lol you salty you aint get bitches and make stupid bands like us "people"

>25% REQ (because this mf is on the up-and-up)
>25% ZRX (he's still waiting on the 100x returns he was promised in that shill thread a few months back)
>50% BTC (because if you aren't at least 25% BTC you are a fucktard)

La creatura...

This fucker looks so goddamn ridiculous


Fuck off wigger wannabe

Hold up let me count my guaaapp count my guaappp

He looks like a fucking goon

I'm sure jamal over there with tattoos all over his face is a stand up citizen .... its sad that people give these tattoo faced monkeys attention, they degrade and pollute society with their shitty monkey music..... If someone is willing to mess their face up with tattoos, I assume they have no self control and would kill me for a $20 bill in my wallet