Have you sold? Have you have held? Have you tethered?

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Havent sold anything.

Yes, I tethered at 14k. It will never go any higher than that.

I've sold alts at a loss.

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I'd Buy Back in April bro

Bought at 7800 sold at 8100 twice. I have a bad feeling about tonight though.

Knee pads for you

Sold off some holdings to consolidate. Sold off my BAT on March 22 right before 30% increase in valu a few days later.

Holding for now.

I'm just holding. I think it will dip, although I remember thinking Bitcoin would dip during November . Bad Choice haha. I hold for life now.

never leave home without them. learned from mr skellyjelly

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I think the majority have sold. The only people who haven't are those who have nothing to lose like myself. I am hopeful it will pick up soon.

Bought and held
Never tetherered
Never sold
Will hold unless bitcoin hits 3k. Then I’m out.

Is this an accurate portrait of you sonny Jim?

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I have Fiat ready to buy, but not rushing to buy.

Fair enough man. I definitely wouldn't give up. There are a new generation of teenagers ready to get into this stuff within 10 years. Whereas older less tech savvy sceptics will die off. Leaving fortunes to these kids.

>sold off BAT

do you realize what youve done?

Sold 25%
Hodling the rest

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consolidated my pure dogshit into things I feel confident about. Haven't cashed anything into fiat yet, down 60% off ATH

I haven't seen that one before. Been here a while. Is it ancient, or did you make it yourself?

Still holding shit here user


Was too new to see the crash coming. Held on until 10k because I thought everything would be fine, then decided that it's too low to the possible bottom to risk selling with my lack of experience. I spend the time learning so I won't get played like this next time. Better to wait 0.5 - 4 years for recovery than to be that guy who sells the bottom and loses everything.

Held like a retard

sold a little at 6k...
damn how did they know

That's one funny looking brainlet, user. I added it to my brainlet collection, thank you!

Tether is a massive fraud by Coinbase that's letting whales sell before the bottom falls out. Good luck ever redeeming your tethers for fiat before they exit scam.

Nice conspiracy.

They literally print Tether and buy bitcoin to pump the price of bitcoin, then crash it later when they sell the bitcoin at the new price. They have no reserves and just fired their auditor.

holding, too exhausted to do anything else, still up 175% from initial investment so fuck it

all i have left is my 19 BNB coins

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