I want to live in London and eat at fancy restaurants and brush shoulders with Royalty and share a laugh with a film...

I want to live in London and eat at fancy restaurants and brush shoulders with Royalty and share a laugh with a film star.

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that honestly sounds like the worst thing in the world. faggot.

Do it then.

I want to live in Tokyo and eat at fancy restaurants and brush shoulders with overworked salarymen and share a laugh with an office lady

It does sound like shit, cold lonely shit hole

I want to live in new york w eat at restaurants and party with walstreet broker elites

That's your dream? Did you get bullied alot or something?

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no but i was anti social and didn't have any friends

Are you people real? Are you jews? Youre as deep as a commercial.

I live in London and it's full of non-white subhumans you fucking idiot

Fuck this place

im your friend, user

>non-white subhumans
back to /pol/ snowflake

I've never been on /pol/ in my life nigger
It's full of video game playing manchildren

Doesn't change the facts

London is absolutely amazing if you have a bit of money to actually enjoy it.

Very green city for its size with loads of parks. The air quality is a problem but there are measures such as the diesel tax to try to combat this problem.
Loads of bars for casual drinking + extensive club scene. Rivalled by Berlin for clubs but absolutely shits over the likes of New York.
Very multicultural. Everyone is welcome and different cultures are celebrated. A lot of racists on this board, your the kind of people who aren't welcomed.
You can find food from literally anywhere in London Jamaica, India, China, Nigeria, Myanmar, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Cuba, France, Germany...
Wages are very good. This is of course offset a bit by high rent and living costs, but if your an experienced professional you can expect to earn top money.
Very well connected airports. Most places have direct flights. European holidays are cheap. Eurostar is amazing for quick access to Paris, Brussels etc.
Easy to travel anywhere in London. Extensive bus and tube network. Within boroughs walking or cycling is a good option for shopping, casual drinks etc. Small percentage of people own a car, unless your commuting this isn't necessary. Parking is expensive in inner city.
Housing is very nice if you have the money to buy. Beautiful Victorian townhouses and stylish modern flats. Wide range of places available, each area has a unique character. East London is very different to South London etc. so you'll have a lot of fun finding out where you like and feel at home.
Top of the range schools. UK universities are among the best in the world. London schools are the best in the UK.
Also, lots of good casinos, internet connection is good everywhere, easy to travel anywhere in the UK by train, beaches only 1 hour away.

>muh ethnic food

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>hundred of years of tradition formed by your ancestors
>lots of different yumyums

>I-I I can't take people talking about reality, pls stahp

You have no clue, I used to be like you then I traveled the world and saw first had what these fuckers do.

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Im the hardest shitskin hater you see on Veeky Forums but i have 1 big reason to know im better than you.

Im sure you havent a gun. Im working for my license since 6months because i see them like you

;) boyz, its a nazi thread now.

Thank you so much, let us make BTC great again!

It really is the reality. People who don't live here don't understand.

london town is nice as hell but also kind of boring. wasn't impressed at all with the night life and I went to one of the best clubs in the city.

The world is becoming more and more globalised and multiculturalism can't be escaped. Deal with it or go back to /pol/ and ramble.


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You hate them, possible they gaped your sweet anus but whats your answer?
>do you owning a gun?
>having a plan B?

>muh confirmation bias
>muh tautology

>blaming globalisation for multiculturalism
I call it (((them)))

>Deal with it
That day will come no doubt

Wait, do you think they aren't coming? If you're white, you'll be a minority in the west shortly.

If you don't like it move out. The majority of Londoner's are tolerant and embrace multiculturalism.

Londoners are 100% trash. 99% of the Londoners (white part) are not wothe living on this planet

>Move out of my own country
No mate I'd rather die by fire, we just await the collapse, no?

White British are a minority in London.

>implying that enjoying different kinds of foods make you a soyboy
let me guess, your diet consists entirely of mommy's tendies

If jews are so powerful why didnt they stop the holocaust?

(((them))) were hungry for the other (((thems))) money

Sounds comfy tbqh

who is this ho ti?

the queen of england


For 25 years I lived never lived more than 30mins away from London. It's an absolute shithole.



She's related to Prince Harry, being his 17th cousin. No wonder he picked her.

tokyo is so fucking awesome, i can't wait to get back

Only thing living in London are unwashed pakies and other undesirables.