Who else /trade 'n drive/

Who else /trade 'n drive/

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Comedy gold

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the absolute MADMAN trading while DRIVING?

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So you can crash while you crash

i like this meme now

What part of the south are you in OP? looks like Florida or Louisiana

Very astute observation my friend. I'm in South Florida.

Why else do you think binance made a mobile app?

comfy. may great gains come your way fren.

Being in a dangerous situation hightens your senses. That's why it's possible to make better trades while driving.

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the fuck?


>having to heighten your senses to make your trades
Something seems wrong there, user

Miamifag here, that looks like Broward or possibly West Palm.

Don't text and drive, friend

How'd you tell?

kinda want to believe this

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Good to know these guys always drifting into my lane are doing it to trade shitcoins
>being distracted by having to drive
>creating stress in a situation where the goal is to eliminate emotion

I set up limit orders and thus am even /sleep 'n trading/
Gotta make money whenever you can