Are you ready?

are you ready?

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A bear with a long tounge representing a long red candle representing crypto crashing even further than already?..

I don't have enough lube for this. It looks like it goes this way though...

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and waiting

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nice trips

the bear tongue would make a good wojak

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Maybe the tongue could be licking wojak. Beyond my abilities.

Please be gentile, bear senpai.

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Gib green Id plz

What is your astrological sign, user?

Why are black bears so autistic?

Damn we are going down again...

Scorpio. Why do you ask?

im starting a folder of wojakkable images, i will add this

broke support

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dw guys its still a bull market, and always has been since 19k

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Throw a 888 on there for me Sensei.

will do. ill get around to these sometime but not for a while. In time for the absolute bottom probably



I am the only bizfag that post the Hull MACD in the TA based threads so if you want to use that or not cool.

But this slaughter is going to be awesome. Multi-month cut to the bone losses for longfags.

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You're just another Nigger who jumped on the short boat. You care so much about proving yourself to other random niggers on the internet that you are letting everyone know who you are.

>You're just another Nigger who jumped on the short boat.

With leverage. Feels good. If you see me asking to be a tripfag then of course, hate me. But if you have seen me be right on TA enough times you hate me then that's ok too.

Stay poor.

The thing with TA is that there's only two directions it can go. Someone's going to be right. Please show me someone who is right all the time with their TA.

Bruh when it comes to trading if you are right 70% of the time you are a trading God. Which is hard, because you basically have 50% to be right when you put the order on and 50% chance for when you take the order off, so most people lose money because they are only right 1/4 times.

People that are right 55% of the time are well off. The margins to be successful are razor and thin and TA and knowing how to cut your losses and let your winners run are the only skills you need.

>hrrrr only 2 diwections
Ever heard of sideways?
If it's so easy to guess TA than you do it.

TA can help tell you WHERE it will go up, bounce, go down etc

>see flag forming
>draw it in
>Predict next moves
>i am a god

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>Drawing lines on a graph.
Tough job there for you, user.

Most normies can't do it.

my dad works for the subsidiary of nintendo specializing in TA literally right 94.3% of the time

>Drawing lines on graphs gives deep insight into the future actions of the market as a whole.
>Giving names to general shapes in the graphs that could easily arise from random noise yields better returns than investing from in coins based off of research because reasons.
Technical astrology is the past time of the superstitious and lazy, and only results in the transfer of wealth from slow superstitious retards to fast superstitious retards.