Swing/day trading thread

Holding is just so fucking boring. Let's talking about some strats, what kind of signals you guys look for, TA, coins ect ect

Post some track records I'm in the + on maybe 85% of my trades but I feel like I can do better predicting tops and bottoms.

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85%.. Kys if you want more

brb kms

NICUUUUU 10% today

Nice track record OP, what kind of tools do you use? How do you like the thing I'm working on swingtradewizard.com/chart_feed/

Very neat. I'm doing my best to learn TA basics but so far my method has been to find low volume coins on an exchange something that's been pushing sideways pretty hard and then swing trade the difference and maybe get 2-3% a trade which is pretty good. I've been trading my full stack which is kinda risky but I want to make some gains it's only ~4k. I learn where a certain coin is in it's comfort zone and where it will be restrained by support and resistance levels. Stochrsi helps for predicting when a sale might go off so I can try to screw bots, bollinger bands sometimes but for coins that don't trade every minute or leave gaps it messes it up a bit.

Been absolutely rekt lately ever since BTC has settled around 8k

Can take the volatility but not the stability. Entering same trades tonight for the first time in 2 days.

About to start trading on poloniex again since now it can be used on TradingView. People will be able to watch my trades on twitch tv / tradepack

Typically Im around 60%

Are you mainly trading btc? I was thinking about it but it seems a bit unpredictable Finding some stable alts has been working well for me. I trade random things sometimes just to test them out like monetha and DNA but once you trade a coin long enough you can feel out it's curves.

Hmmm interesting website, I use an indicator CoinStrenghtindex by Singque that works much the same for swing trades

Is there a way to configure order like a signal finder? I can see how your charts can be very useful however, you should add the bitmex and tradingview trollbox

I mainly trade btc and xrp but I also trade coins that are low on their RSI compared to BTC.

But yeah getting to know a few coins well seems to be the best strat

Do you trade for USD or sats or accumulation?

I accumulate xrp but trade for USD on btc

Right now I've been trading JNT the volume has been absolutely non-existent the past 2 weeks basically but the last 3-4 days there's been a bit of volume. Bibox uses bots so you get some good fake traffic. JNT/ETH pair. Here's some trades since noon yesterday

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I missed all the swings of the last 2 months.

RSI is a good indicator. Currently ETH has very good TA.

was in tron today but sold when it looked like it was dumping. then formed a hammer and rallied like a motherfucker. that wouldve been a good win for me. was in at .00000557. its setting up again and looking to enter at 610

i was trading a tiny stack to prove to myself i could be profitable and the last couple of weeks have been solid. finally upped my trading stack this week.

i know i should hone in on one type of trade setup to begin with, but i really like buying on support in consolidation channels before breakouts and swing reversal failures. im glad i hodl'd at the onset of my crypto life but now that I know how to trade, im looking at btc preservation through wide stops when a coin dumps is looking to break down long term

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That's crucial, the discipline to pull out when you make the initially planned 3%-5% gain. That's how you stay a professional and don't get JUST'd. Whats your stop loss %? How many exchanges do you use?

I bet I could just use their data and sort the image charts based on their indicators. Wouldn't be hard. The site is really simple, just a personal tool for finding dips. But I'll keep building on it.

Do you know of any way those trollbox's are embeddable? I don't think that's possible.

I thought LINK is going to pump very soon due to sudden increase in trading volumes, so I sold ICX for LINK. Got buttfucked by LINK after seeing ICX pump 100%

Meant for

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Wtf are you doing dude.

Stay in until the 31st...
Jesus christ you fucking children hate money.

Seriously i'm going to go ahead and larp here:
We used to talk about how we were taking money from normies here. Now i'm pretty sure i'm taking all of your money.. and it's kinda depressing.

No stop loss, never looked into setting one up ever. In this case I have a stack of JNT on bibox I'm throwing around just to see if I can pump it up and since I'm just accumulating it up I don't really think I'd need to since it will be a long term hold and the price is already around ICO price so I don't reckon it will drop much farther. I use a few exchanges, I used cryptopia for a bit but I don't like the interface and I got kinda fucked on a pump and dump I tried to get in on when I was a little newbie so I vowed never to go there again. I traded a bit on binance but that was ok volume was a little too high for me. I've been digging kucoin mostly and now bibox because I like the bots creating fake volume so I don't have to wait quite as long to make my trades because my autism flares up if I sit there watching it not do anything then I make mistakes by adjust my stuff to be more forgiving.

i think its going to dump in the next day or so. i dont think people will wait until the 31st. i shouldve stayed in today, i def agree but it looked dumpy on the 1hr when i woke up this morning and figured i would get out before it hit my stop. was brutal.

looking to get back in tho because i think it will run up again over tomorrow and maybe the next day. moved by buy order from 610 to 604. wondering if it might pull back even down to 601 or below

I only started maybe start of december but I was making some crazy money not amount but % wise. Back in january I had maybe $200 from the initial $350 I put in and lost a bunch because of fees. I started trading on kucoin and started doing really well swinging I was making like 5-10% a trade solid on monetha and went from that 200 to around 1.5k in a week then I thought fuck it and bought a bunch of cardano and some other random thing and did a few buy high sell lows and basically made every mistake in the book, bought into that pump and dump late and lost a bunch there. Also I bought a gunbot account for binance but I never use it since I did better myself but it was ok, it made maybe 3% a night but I was too impatient. Still works but I'm not a big fan of binance. I'd love a swing trade bot for kucoin though.

holy bejeezus you have so many charts up

For bitmex I load it in an iframe with ajax to help keep the connection "live", it helps to change your bitmex account settings so they never log you put.

TradeingViews trollbox is easily embeddable. it's just a website

Nice on the data tho your project is definitely worth working on

That's not bad at all you dodged a few bullets it looks like too, damn. Your strat of playing against bots on low volume coins is pretty good

And yeah I have alot of charts up right now, im still constructing the stream trying to find which chart layout is most useful while being comprehensible. The finished stream will have like only 5-6 charts I think

I'm starting to make call videos, what do you think of my format? I want to keep the videos as short as possible.


Do you set up alerts at prices you want to buy at, setting and forgeting - or are you watching your favorite charts and studying them a lot?

Also do you have any resources you can reccomend? I'm gathering resources and organizing them to help newbies, anything helps.

Great idea will do. Could you DM me your site? @swingtradewiz

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Just focus on a few charts I try not to trade more than 2-3 coins at a time. Not very many resources I'm still super new to all of this. I don't normally leave any trades to go over night because of the bog meme. I thought about setting some alerts but the coins I'm trading don't stray too much out of their zone. I've been learning a lot of haejin lee with his videos on youtube and I've been reading this for TA info docs.google.com/document/d/15c3rN15rkXldY8Te3GDG4NG7noaaoikydOoZQlElwXw/edit

i like it. no bullshit