Please help me biz

Please help me biz.

I am 28 and just got a job in crappy retail. Basically starting from scratch.
I get 27 bucks an hour, I don't have any debt (except for uni which I didn't finish which in also not going to pay) and I don't care at all about retirement.
So my question is, if I can save minimum 250 dollars a week, which coin should I invest all of those savings into?

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Invest it in Pooltrade. Get in on the Pre-ICO. Seriously.

If you want to make money AT ALL, you will do this.

27 an hour in retail is pretty good desu

>$27/hour in retail
the fuck? Is this in CAD or something?

Mere curiosity, but wtf are you doing in retail that pays 27/hr?

Definitely not lol has to be Mexico or something

$27 in retail isn't very much. I'm a chef at Wendy's and make 125k a year. I also have a 9 inch dick.

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Realistically, just invest it all in BTC until you can retire in 5 years. Otherwise you're going to lose everything on shitcoins and never be able to afford a modest house.

I do night fill at Cole's in Australia

28 an hour in AUD or USD?
Cuz 28 an hour in America is a pretty good salary for an non degree job

Pfft. I clean the puke off the floor at my daughter's elementary school. $650,000/yr.

Pajeet detected

I beg on the street for change, 2.7 MM gross per year bro-diddly.

How the fuck are you making $27/hr in retail?

27 an hour at retail? Must be Australia.

$27 an hour in retail is shit. I make $35 an hour stacking boxes. Get on my level pleb.

It's literal easy mode in Australia. This is why I convinced 2 of my friends to move here 8 years ago. Went from NEET to 6 figure status quick. People from third world countries are literal millionaires in a generation. Aussies don't get up in the morning for work unless they are paid something like $23 AUD/ hour or something

$27 an hour is fucking amazing, where the hell do you live?

>0.0003 ETH per token during preico
>0.002 ETH during ico
>preico investors sell to ico investors
>2,000,000 supply

This could be fucking huge

ihave a part time job at jbhifi an electronics retail outlet in melbourne and i get paid 25$ ph plus commission i make on whatever i can sell

Wage is good, but the hourly rate for labor if you need to get anything done in Aus is fucking insane. Something like $100 for them to change your oil in your shitty 80's Honda.

He can't manage to save 250 at that wage
Think again

It's all relative you absolute retards. Wage is high, so is everything else

Yeah shit is expensive. But it's the same everywhere. The difference is, you get to make good wage and choose how you spend it. The former is not a option for most first world countries.

How often do you get your car fixed? I just pick reliable Japanese and never have a problem. At most I take in for servicing every year or 2. Stick to Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru.

Also wtf you doing driving a 80s Honda? Are you a fucking abo?