Fuck this stupid fuck market

What should I buy right now? I got about a grand to put into something. Im split between NEO or ADA. Any opinions or other suggestions besides shit like LINK or REQ? Fuck that shilled bullshit here so hard and it goes nowhere. Save your keystrokes you pajeets..

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Nothing. Now is not the time to be buying

>t. lowtest soyboy

It's money thats already in the market, im just moving it from one thing to another. So what then, tether?

>t. top buyer

Buy HST. It's gonna be listed on a big exchange soon, just announced new CEO, MiVote is getting huge traction. Don't miss out.


this OP, you need to wait until we're trending upwards, sort of near a peak kind of formation, and then buy in there

either bitcoin or tether

yea wait for ATH's....

Buy ICOs that got heavily dumped eg Data wallet etc
Not necessarily data wallet, anything that looks undervalued. In a month or you can expect an easy 2x or even more.
Look at QLC for example.

>they think this is the bottom

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Look at QLC for how a dumped ICO can perform. Not saying buy QLC.

>its not the bottom
>doesnt have any clue what the bottom is but this certainly isnt close

Lowtest faggot

or stay poor
24k by the mid of april



NEO is shit. it will always a small fraction of the dev interest other major coins have because those retarded devs decided to make to cost 500 gas to launch a smart contract

>hurr durr it keeps the scams away
yeah if no one uses your product, at least you won't have scams

Neo is shit
Ada is interesting but freakshow vaporware already mooned


people should buy on the way down, preferably at picked out levels before hand. otherwise they might end up waiting for the bottom, then theyll see a rise, wait for it to dip back down and it does the opposite and keeps rising because they just kept waiting and never bought in.

Unironically Vechain. I know

>muh Chinese scam

But this shit is severely undervalued and should be going to $6 in May/June for mainnet. NEO is also a good buy, although I would wait and see if it goes under $50, it's on a downtrend and isn't finished yet. I would buy then.

>neo invests in zilliqa loopring hpb etc.
>retards keep on investing in neo

Don't burn your money through fees jsut constantly moving your money from one coin to another. We're in a bear market. Now is the time to do some research into coins that provide value to instituions, just because people are larping about their crazy day trading gains(90% of retail traders lose money) doesn't mean you should get involved. Maybe have a look at who is sponsoring the Consensus conference in May, tickets are a min. $1000 and there will be high net worth clients and a lot of institutional investors there. Just an idea user, you do you.

Why do you need to buy something? Just hold tether until the bear is over. It's not that hard.

buy Skycoin


NEO is a sinking ship lol I was really lucky to sell my bags at $110 when the shitshow started and everyone was screaming FUD on this board. Stay away from that shitcoin, it looks good on paper, but it's a centralized empty shell posing as a cryptocurrency

>Now is not the time to be buying

How do people not know this?

Always buy high, green means go.

EOS is in a better position at the moment in relation to ADA Look at road map.
NEO’s big moment is gone.

Idiocy. The reputation ecosystem is falling into place around it and is still backed by Fossun Group. Not to mention, fucking ETH Casper looks suspiciously like the NEO of the West. Funny that.

From a trade perspective, NEO is one of the few coins that has huge booms and busts in satoshi value, so it looks like it's bleeding to death. It'll enter an up cycle again and double your BTC investment.

>Thinking that a certain crypto is better than any other
>Not knowing that the price of every crypto is driven completely by regular market cycles and hype.

Absolutely disgusting.

Could use a trailing stop loss (buy order)

Man the way people on this board talk about NEO amazes me. NEO is one of the better projects on the market. "sinking ship" Wtf isn't sinking right now? you guys bash NEO and shill Link and REQ...how have you guys let yourself get to this point.

This. NEO is one of the best buys right now.
Early April pump incoming, just a heads up.

A Futuristic design meets luxury and heritage. Electric front power and turbocharged dBFT rear power!

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but if you buy neo why not just buy eth instead

Credits will dip today, I’ll all in and never look back into crypto until this summer

Credits will dip today, I’ll all in and never look back to crypto until this summer

>some people are actually this retarded
user, I...

>thats not an answer

Get NEO, GAS and TNC

anything other than EOS, NAS. you loose money.

EOS is sucking all the marketcap from the top 5. Eos to flip litecoin by April 14th.

Youve been warned

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>uironically thinks eos will be over $100 in under 2 weeks

KYS pajeet

well, litecoin might be under $100

Buy ICOs that have been heavily dumped like Shipchain

This is true. I've been multiplying my NEO bag by selling and buying in the cycles.