The coin that moons is always the coin that ppl like to shit on

most ppl shitted on bitcoin, thinking it would never amount to anything. then ppl were shitting on ethereum.

i think the next coin to moon is going to be bcash. thoughts?

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Buy it and find out

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yes the battle is already won. My cost average is .15 though... I'm a shit trader.

been txting people BCH all day with the new cointext. Even my bcore friends think it's cool.

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well, Veeky Forums shitted on bazingacoin go and buy.


Fucking TRX is supposed to be a shitcoin....
Thanks Veeky Forums

Still fucking holding 150k from 312 sats

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i don't have the rest if there's more. it was a teaser pic she posted on her twitter


checked. hey Roger.

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yes these coins are shit on constantly by Veeky Forums so they will moon the hardest :

Bitcoin Cash

Professor Utonium did a VERY nice job this time.

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It will be LTC. 10k EOY.

You think so? I can't see why LTC or BCH would still be anywhere near the top 10 come the EOY, especially if Coinbase adds other coins/tokens and other exchanges like Binance also add more fiat pairs.

what is doggo sniffing?