Only about 2000 people hold more than 5k LINK

Only about 2000 people hold more than 5k LINK

2000 more people becoming millionaires in the world is inconsequential, in the grand scheme of things. In fact, it wouldn't even make a dent into the total global economy.

Anybody with more than 5k LINK will make it by 2025.

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t. Future millionaire

>he legitimately thinks link will hit $200

implying they wont sell at $5

>only 2000 people bought link at ATH and still hold it

We all gunna mek it

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What makes you think it won''t?

Counting on it, or become an hero. Either way, the memes were fun boys. See you on the other side.

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Oracles will just be built into Eth as needed, no need for some retarded chuck e cheese masternode token

Right there with you

>millionaire 2025
that will be like being a thousandaire right now

You think vitalik “the brainlet” buterin can actually accomplish what chainlink is trying to do? LOL

Oracles which don't require their own token will win. Why do you need a separate token to be able to fulfill an assignment? Why do you need to stake to earn reputation when you can just advertise a log of your success rate?

Vitalik is a far better programmer than Sergey my dude.

Waldenbooks will just make their own online stores that will sell books, screw amazon

Yea but sergey is clearly the better philosopher of the two

you forgot of the 50,000 people that have 5k link on binance


why does escrow exist?
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>being this fucking retarded

You deserve to be poor brainlet

This is absolutely ridiculous. Sergey is clearly the coding demigod. He has made two, TWO, commits to chainlink in github in the past year (5 total). Both were README files. The madman doesn’t need to code he will make us all wealthy beyond comprehension via documentation alone. Vitalik eternally BTFO.

You think the CEO of Microsoft is coding the next Windows you stupid ugly lonely virgin retarded autistic faggots?

Sergey is literally out busting his balls making sure this thing is going to change the world.

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