Lol you poor cryptofags probably don't know what this is, but look at my wrist

Lol you poor cryptofags probably don't know what this is, but look at my wrist
That's a brand new rolex submariner, retailing at $450,000
My new watch is worth more than you and your extended family have ever seen

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You might want to get your cancer treated before shitposting on Veeky Forums.
It wouldn't hurt to lose a bit of weight either.

is that an arm or a roll of white tortilla?


>tortilla wrist about to snap
Yeah bro, you won at life

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forearm routine?

Worst larp of all time. And an ugly Seiko 5

Why do put your rolex on a sausage?

OP is an alpha Chad I feel very inferior

Looks like a pork leg wrapped in butcher's twine.

That’s an omega seamaster larping retard


Guys, it's pasta

welding 400k

jesus man, your hand is gonna turn black and fall off if you maintain that kinda band psi there.

What kind of insecure, attention seeking cuck of a manlet would pay that much money for a plain gold watch? It only has 2 functions for fucks sake, how would you know it’s not gold plated? It’s so fucking plain jane it’s only worth maybe $50 at best

Full shot of OP.

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LMAO what is up wit ur arm
it's getting strangled instead of rope something else

You'd figure a dude with the determination to get the watch on would be able to channel it into losing weight also. Pretty impressive actually.

That's a prezzy brainlet

1/10 bait


Haven't worn a watch in like 13 years.
I don't see the need or appeal in expensive watches.

op get your skin checked dude

damn that looks like a dead manatee being crushed. lol who would buy an expensive watch and not have a wrist band that fits lolololl is that the chainlink fatty blowin off the last of his eth before it goes back to 5$?

normally they buy it for other people who know, basically nobody gives a shit though
every CEO/CFO I've met in person in the last few years has worn an apple watch, and not even the expensive one, the cheap shit "got it on sale at macy's for $150" rubber aluminum one lol

Hahahaha holy fuck this has to be a troll. That is the fucking ugliest looking arm I've ever seen. If that really is you, you probably look like that fucking or in the 3rd Lord of the Rings. Haha holy shit that makes me want to puke!

Could fellow Veeky Forumszers cease bumping this ugly limb? It keeps appearing on every random row and makes me nauseous.

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people being this new to biz

9/10 bait the picture alone is worth 8 points

This is an old image but I love it. It's the pinnacle of pearls before swine, dressing pigs in silk and putting lipstick on them.
It's pathetic

I'll bet you couldn't resell that for even a tenth that amount.

Why did you wrap your watch tightly around a fleshy, overstuffed burrito with hair on it? And why can’t your supposedly expensive watch tell time or date accurately? No no, nothing seems right about this at all...

Imagine looking like that...having skin like that, flab like makes me shudder. God, I wouldn’t leave the gym for months, how can anyone live like that

Looking good, op

Bumping for all the poorfags that havent seen my expensive new watch yet ;)

Might as well embrace the Veeky Forumszer limb. It appears on every row. I feel queasy.

It's called a treadmill Jesus.

What the fuck is that watch strapped too?

lol that hog has liver spots

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At first glance it appears to be cement with sediment tightly wrapped in plastic. It's worse than that; it's like a rotting tortilla.

OP you unironically need more chain links

You put in a pig that beautiful Rolex WTF

Nice gold plated seiko 5.

Who the hell told you that preowned retails for 450,000 Lol. And yes your arm is really fucked up looking.

>being this new

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Everyone on Veeky Forums cashed out or killed themselves. Nothing but retards from /r9k/ now

Disgusting fat ginger wrist

pleb spotted, get on my level shitter

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and this is my beautiful wife's.
are you even a provider bro?

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Oh, look, fat guy watch thread. Again.


You know a bitch is fat, when her knuckles are indentations.

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How do you like my NOMOS collection?

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