Today I hit 1k from 24k ATH...

Today I hit 1k from 24k ATH. It was yet again another cross-referenced trade recommended in 3 actually different paid groups. And then BTC shit itself again.

I will go 100x long at 7870. Goodbye user.

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Just wait ok..

Dump it all in TRX. You have 72 hours. Very good time China is buying.

Go 100x short next Bart you retard. If you're gonna gamble everything away, at least give yourself a chance


Oh man he doesn’t even know what the BART is....

>3 actually different paid groups
you realize that the people who run those "paid groups" are just getting their signals from another more selective paid group, right? and so forth

never do a weird irrational decision on your last dollar(s). Sit tight user.

>Attempting to trade in this market instead of just choosing your favorite alt and holding

You are the people that we make money off of, thank you for your donation.

Prob don't know what the marge is either.

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>he doesnt know the bart pattern

user.. dont lose your last 1k. theres gonna be a clear trade for you.. be patient!

I wondered if this thread would cause a crash with us being so close to the edge. I actually went 100x short. Thanks dudes.

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hehe nice user. Was it actually your last 1000?

Not quite but my portfolio took a beating equivalent to that. I was a hodler and am still up all things considered but about 85% down from ATH because I held while I learned and tried out different strategies. Almost none of them work in a manipulated bear market of course. And I only started participating right when things went to shit around the february dip. Too bad.

he didn't join the bart signals group...

Ha same here kinda. ATH 22k now at around 5. Never even thought about tether/shorting until a month ago for some reason

Guys, I think I’ve found a little gem.
Crowdholding ( YUPIE TOKEN ) the actual Mcap is 300k USD!! listed in IDEX!
- Market cap is insanely low
- They have partnership with WhalesBurg!!
- They already are working on the marketing campaign
- They are in talks with good exchanges.
- Oh Hey Matth spoke of this ico recently ... and said that it has tokens!

With this cap... Project is 100% legit.. nice team...

10x easy... or 50x Like Payfair (another lowcap gem)

what do you think?

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I think you're 3 months too late for random shitcoin shills

Stop doing this. Learn to think for yourself and you’ll start calling the coins and targets before groups do.

Fuck paid groups. Learn how to do your own TA.

from 700k to 300k
still got more than 1/3
how do you manage to lose so much money anons?

Every fucking signals group exists only to dump their bags on members, when are you people gonna learn.
They don't care that people have paid for membership and won't renew it, they make more by dumping their bags on you and there's always new suckers.