Remember these days? Good times

Remember these days? Good times.

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Monero has never hit $389,000 you fucking retard.

$10000 link..

brainlet leave my thread

>Anonymous (ID: nAs0Dutw) 03/28/18(Wed)23:30:44 No.8616833▶
>Monero has never hit $389,000 you fucking retard.
that is the equivalent of 389.1... l2read brainlet

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Lol Burgertards, in other countries the "," and "." are swapped.

No, that says $389,000 USD.
Monero has never been a third of a million USD dollars. That is retarded.

Americans need to fuck out of this thread immediately.

Retard, when you are you talking about valuations in USD you use the decimal. Fucking retarded Yuro please kys.

If you're too brainlet to learn how to read other numbering systems you will die poor and stupid.

Maybe YOU should learn how to use other numbering systems when YOU value things in USD instead of YOUR retarded worthless yuro toilet paper

Our way is better and you know it

>capital letters meme
Leave this board boomer scum

I have a bad feeling we’re never coming back here

>replacing decimals with commas and vice versa

why the fuck do people do this?

it makes no sense
do they do this with IP addresses too?

It literally makes 0 logical sense though. A comma represents a continuation in language, a period represent an end. It should apply the same way for separation of whole numbers from decimals.

Guys, I think I’ve found a little gem.
Crowdholding ( YUPIE TOKEN ) the actual Mcap is 300k USD!! listed in IDEX!
- Market cap is insanely low
- They have partnership with WhalesBurg!!
- They already are working on the marketing campaign
- They are in talks with good exchanges.
- Oh Hey Matth spoke of this ico recently ... and said that it has tokens!

With this cap... Project is 100% legit.. nice team...

10x easy... or 50x Like Payfair (another lowcap gem)

what do you think?

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Yuros are retarded, no surprise.

My hidden gem.

We wuz kingz, waznt we

If you use a comma as decimal separator you live in a shithole.

Non-Americans use , to indicate decimals, you fucking tard

All of the important countries in the world use . to indicate decimals.

Non-anglo countries are NOT important.

not my country

I think you need to kys pajeet

>I post on a board with non Americans

Makes me sick desu