Tf is this

So do we just do the opposite of TA to daytrade now?

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whales paint the charts however they want to manipulate you faggots who think your meme lines mean anything

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The thing is your TA sucks, BTC is incredibly easy to trade. Zoom out you fucking retard and draw fib lines.

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it’s a sideways market with high ATR
just play it that way?

I'm talking about daytrading brainlet

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got Bog?

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>he doesn't know about the Bart Simpson pattern

Your fib skills are tasty. Do you have some more?

Where do I learn about fib lines?

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You are retarded, that's what's wrong, do you want me to do TA for each section of this downtrend?
yes, just say what you want me to do TA for

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I've been studying several textbooks on TA since Nov, but never can get a better application of the theory other than just checking volume, patterns, and making lines. So far, my general trend is accurate but the numbers aren't precise.

Seeing you use the fib, to retrace on another fib, that retraces on another is really useful to me. For me to learn how to do this and not rely on someone is what I'm aiming to do.

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I haven't read a single book about TA. I learned how to trade by trading.

Fuck Elliot Trades, Fuck Guppy RSI wannabe retards, Fuck Ichimoku Cloud, Fuck anyone that over complicates things.

All you need is few fib lines and Volume Profile for Fixed range on certain sections. Also MACD, RSI, StochRSI, SQZ.

Anyone that thinks trading is some fucking mistery is fucking retarded. Keep it simple.

I don't care about the insights of the price metrics of the coins as I care more about how I can get insight on how good TA is performed.

look up videos man, it's not that hard. Get a trading view account.

>do you want me to do TA for each section of this downtrend?
that would be very polite.

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>fuck anyone that over complicates things
>use these 6 things

I use those 6 AND cloud and E Waves. It's like having a tool belt.

On the internet, silly billy

You're gonna get a lot of shit from retards here on Veeky Forums but you are spot on. The only reason TA works is because people use it. More people use simple TA meaning it's going to be more reliable.

Excuse me, but I have said a very retarded thing, I don't have time to do this. It would take me either few hours to screen cap everything, or 1 hour on video explaining things.

Or you could just zoom out and trade daily timeframes, since they are easy to read.

That seems to be a pretty good start. I keep it simple with MACD, Stoch RSI, and a custom script that measures all of them together.

Have been doing buying and like-kind trading almost full time since Nov. Just never studied bear patterns or had the emotional resilience to sell, so I held everything. Was at 200k, now falling below 40k, still holding on.

A Veeky Forums discord I have is TmUnq if you care to follow up.

OK clearly you are one of the few people on biz who has some idea what he's talking about. Could you give us a prediction for when the market will go bull again?

VWAP is 200 points higher than current price, will we make a retrace back towards it over have we broken a hard trend line?

Next stop is 7200-300, close your shorts there