Daily reminder:

Daily reminder:

You will know that the crash is over once this entire board feels like a fucking morgue. Like a bunch of depressed, lifeless zombies indifferent to life. When there is no more life, happiness, or optimism left to be sucked out of us. When there is too much indifference to even want to kill ourselves. Then the trend will reverse, just like last summer.

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Wait... I'm pretty sure it's felt like that for at least a couple weeks now.

Nah. It's been mostly panic up until this point. People are starting to get numb now. The bottom is near.

Are we on different boards?

That's now


so, back to normal

Noone even bothers to post pink wojaks anymore. Hell most people don't even bother to come to Veeky Forums anymore. Wouldn't be surprised if some physically can't come to Veeky Forums anymore because they've offed themselves.

>I time the market by biz

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i dont even play video games anymore, i just sleep literally 16-20 hours a day and one meal a day god just le tme die idc

sometimes we forget some people weren't trying to larp, and actually dumped everything they had into this thing.


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I feel like someone has beaten the shit out of me every day for months while I lie on the ground in a pool of my own urine blood and vomit

I like the pain

I'd be cool with not waking up tomorrow at this point. It was nice thinking I was going to make it for a few weeks

True. This board will hate cryptos once the bear ends. Most of advice here will be to not invest in coins.

Clearly all of you have not heard of the logarithmic scale of bitcoin?

I'm down $30k from ATH.
Have $2k on my bank account.

When are you going to buy in?

What's it like to have 10x the money that I do in the bank, user?

Down 200k from ATH, have $3k in bank

I have too much apathy to post pink wojaks. I wish I could leave this board for a while but I can't seem to curb the habit, I did reduce my visits from every hour to 2-3 times a day.

why dont u idiots just go outside for a few months wtf


Down 240k from ATH, $700 in the bank. I really wish I was lying.

same, also not lying heh
oh well man, we rolled the dice. my only regret is not cashing out half but I'm sure when it comes to that and I do it itll immediately go 10x and i'll regret that, too

I feel like somebody is holding me down and raping me over and over again for months now. I don't even remember what it feels like to not be getting fucked in the ass, just a never ending cock of infinite length and steadily increasing girth going into me, forever. And I just bought the "dip" again today, two hours before this latest dump. There is no bottom.

Why do you do that to yourself, user?

I know how you feel. It sucks because we're down so much that I'm afraid if I sell now I'll wake up to an abrupt overnight recovery. So now I'm just mindlessly staring at charts watching my money disappear. Have to get up to wagecuck in 5 hours which just makes everything even worse.

skip to about 2:50

>could have had a small house paid off in cash and some tiny nest egg in crypto still but chose to trudge on
maybe if we just stay strong we'll be winners in the long run

I figure if I hold no matter what I'll live to see the next bull run if it comes, and if it never comes, at least I tried

I started with nothing anyway

wow and i felt a little bad for not cashing out when i jumped in and made 20k in a week lmfao you motherfuckers hit 200k lmaooooo

dont sell now morons you may as well lose it all before you sell this low

I really think there will be new ATHs, crypto is so big now that I can't imagine it just fading away forever.

maybe, but a bird in the hand, etc
done goofed

People don't even bother to sell alts now when BTC is taking a hit. Lmao.

This. Most people here are ironic or retarded. Or both

I've seen some alts go sideways for days and then start pumping like a champ as Bitcoin enters one of its fake crashes. Only when I catch the crash starting and sell my alts with perfect timing though, if I'm holding (aka sleeping) they go down with the ship.
I'm starting to believe the trading bots are forming a sort of A.I. hive mind, perfectly evolved to fuck us over. Or perhaps the trading and charts we see are just a fake simulation put on by the exchanges, individually tailored to each of us to maximize losses. These are the only possibilities I can come up to explain how we can be so constantly justed.

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