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>$7710 is a tricky level - lack of High Volume nodes. Minimal HVN indicate that if big players decide to unleash a concentrated sell-order we will plunge hard and fast.

I already warned you - next level $7177
then $5800

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Double bottom before we rise.

Sitting in fiat waiting

let's watch this guy be wrong in real time. back above $8 by 6 hours.

You have a twitter? I have an interesting thing to show you.

Double bottom is a possibility - will keep it in mind.

>back to 8k in no-time

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fire up the liquidation engine boys. Bart up to 8k and then crash down to 5

nope 7500 support shall be obliterated

Is this another big dump down or are we gonna bounce around awhile?

probs gonna bounce around int eh 7600 range for a while and continue dumping. i do 0 TA but have a certain.... indicator, if you will

That would be nice for my XMR short.

hit me with the indicator brah

cant say it outright as it wont work if many people know. Look for a coin with a weird volume profile. think about what would make it easy to manipulate (its borderline bond villain coolness, I think)

look for the kimchiwhale threads in the archive


good luck!

Yea there’s nothing there. You’re a Jew kike.

I wanna give you some more clues: "Arbitrage" itll be obvious when you see it.. only look at top 100 coins

: 0

Come brainlets anyone who knows how to read volume profiles step up. I need to be disproven.
My target is $5900 BTC
250 euro for ETH.

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how long do you think until we break 7500?

cheers mate

I should start my own signal group

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So what's the timeline for $7177 and $5800? Hours, days, weeks?

broke through - at the lowest value node in the volume profile exactly at $7710 - $7720.

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It looks like your system is working. Well done user

> back above $8 by 6 hours.
> above $8

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If it's free I'll join. I've been in your threads since the first. Criminally underrated because Veeky Forums is corrupted with the "TA is a meme" meme.


Free ?

The thing you can’t measure is the fiat that will pour in. “Support” is only prior buying.

I’m in if you want to make a community. I don’t need signals but comparing charts and news would be great. If you do make something hit me up [email protected]

what's your tradingview

Might take a week before we reach the target.
Friday / Saturday is generally a bullish day, normies have time to ''trade'' and delay the descend.
I am 99.99% certain that $7600 won't hold and buying now would end up in loss.
I'm not your average 10 top tradingview meme-line master.
I analyze volumes, find hidden positions, find weak positions, find strong positions.

You're in good hands.

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Thanks for all your insights man, do you post anywhere else? Is there anywhere I can follow you? This is seriously making a big difference for me, as I'm waiting to buy the dip.

signal group is coming
trading view is coming.
I'm prepping ...
I want you guys to support me on trading view.
The top 10 memeline masters on trading view must go. It's time for a change. /biz represent.

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don't you think that when the future closes in 8 hours, we'll start an uptrend?

Whats your name on tv

Thanks learning a lot from you, one question how you made this chart I mean how you put volume profile where it is on your chart?

When ready tell you name on tv