The worst is almost over

Don't let the sociopaths that have plagued Veeky Forums since the beginning fool you. They tethered around 7k and need this shit to come back down or they are finished for good. The bulls will be back shortly. Everything will be alright. We will make life changing money. It won't matter what shitcoin you hold. (FUCK REDDIT) The Bizillionaires Club is imminent.

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Holy shit. This is the type of stupidity that makes me want to sell more than anything.

> It's true because I keep saying it!

nah we're all going to kms today

Tethered at 6500

Tethered at 7100

join the turtle army
stay green my friends

Sor greeny
The nuuuuuu half not yet begun to nuuuuuuuuuuu

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i'm still holding like a retard, wish i tethered, but now i'm ETHERED

Future bizillionaire right here. Hope your future life is fruitful comrade.

dude there's no conspiracy. People that tethered at 6k are retarded. They missed out on two huge swings. They have no part in any manipulation.

Ok i was wrong. Clearly a no coiner.

Indicators are there.. one more low and in less then a month we rise.

Otherwise we’re going sideways with lower lows till the fall.

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Why dont these people take that feeling and attempt to fly by jumping off buildings

Investment brainlet here, is this what traditional stocks are like? Just a small group of invested people trying to manipulate the market so they can convince other investors to buy or sell so they (the manipulators) can cash out at the other investors expense?

thank you friend I'm looking forward to what the future holds. It's going to be a fun ride

Thinks he is a TA god because he watched a few youtube tutorials.

Keep the faith comrade.

Yes and no. Stocks are nowhere near as volatile.

Cringy AND Delusional

like poker is a struggle for the antes, stocks are a struggle for control of the underlying company

This is why I keep coming back to Veeky Forums

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We go down till April 17th ish and then we go up to 50-80k

Here we go...

Bought XRP at ATH

Mansions and high class escorts await you in May my friend.

Hello, please select one of the following
A) tethered at 6k
B) tethered at 7k

Thankyou for participating :)

This is this faggot's dad. Can confirm, my wife's son will be releasing big news soon.

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Binance adding USD pairings soon. Spring will be amazing.

Is there any susbtance to binance adding usd pair

Sauce me u baka desu

Binance will do whatever it can to keep volume up so it can make CZ a billionaire in fees.

They want to be bigger than coinbase. I think they can succeed. Also speaking of Coinbase they're adding ERC20s. Now is the time to get into shitcoins.

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Stats on coinbase usercount vs usercount of exchanges that have erc20 tokens would be interesting. I wonder if a lot of normies wanted tokens but couldnt figure out trading on the exchanges.

He’s already twice a billionaire and Binance’s fees are 2-5 times lower than competition. I read this interview where he says he doesn’t have much use for his wealth and is just obsessed with growing Binance.'re right user

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I'm the only person I know IRL who knows what a ERC20 token is. I know a couple of people who bought litecoin because it was cheaper than bitcoin without even looking at the supply. If coinbase adds your shitcoin you'll be rich. If binance becomes bigger than coinbase which I think is highly probable and you hold mostly binance tokens you'll be rich.