If you were female, young, and reasonably attractive, how would you use that to your advantage to make loads of $$$?

If you were female, young, and reasonably attractive, how would you use that to your advantage to make loads of $$$?

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is that a huge fucking penis?

knee pads

You can sell private snapchat pics and vids.

Seriously you don't even have to show face and can remain anonymous.

No, jus hand underneath the skirt, lifting it up.

camgirl or whore yourself out to saudi princes as an "escort"

sell used bras and panties on manyvids, ebanned, etc


basically take advantage of the most pathetic guys out there, they are weak and will do whatever you say

if they become a pain in your ass, simply ignore them and demand payment

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Camwhore that shit up

Don't cam girls make ridiculous money?

Be a camgirl and stream yourself playing video games in your spare time.

Find a rich desperate NEET. Marry him without a prenup.

Camwhoring into some type of show biz.

Get easy twitchbux. All I have to do is wear a tight shirt and watch betas throw money at me.

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Sell my virginity for $250k, take that profit and split it between stocks and crypto

I'd have disgusting lesbian sex with 10/10 cheerleaders and would charge them $100/hour to eat them out

Boom, business 101

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Did this actually work?

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Make yourself useful you useless cunt. Get yourself an education and a job.

> implying selling your body for money is not making yourself useful

Marry an ugly rich guy OR camwhore (if good opportunity)

r/sexsells tho that might've just gotten b& idk

Definitely findom. No sex, just getting paid to call guys small-dicked faggots online


I would work for blacked.com


I'd marry some rich troll
then spend my time shopping
and fucking the hired help.

Might look into this.

Don't want my face on anything

How successful is it? I make enough to pay for school and rent/bills, but I want to be able to save too.

I'm in school, and why would I work 8 hours for 120 bucks when I can potentially get the same in thirty minutes?

You know the rules though, tits or gtfo

if you live in nyc ill pay you to fuck

Be sure that you are not lying to yourself about being attractive. Most females nowadays rate themselves higher in attractiveness than they actually are. This is mostly because of social media and has been proven with studies.

You can use a cam to get money from internet betabois. Doesn't even have to be sexually revealing content and you can also hide your identity if you want to. Twitch whoring is already high competition scene. Find new cam sites that offer similar services.

>Be sure that you are not lying to yourself about being attractive. Most females nowadays rate themselves higher in attractiveness than they actually are. This is mostly because of social media and has been proven with studies.

>be a woman
>before I swipe right on a guy on tinder I have to screenshot his pics and send them to my gurls or simply stalk the guy on IG or wherever
>be a man
>swipe right on every girl on tinder because I don't have time for this shit
>woman now thinks she's getting so many matches because she's beautiful
>now thinks she's a 9/10 instead of a 6/10

Sell virginity
Hymen reconstruction surgery
repeat profit

I'd get a tech job because they're desperate to hire women. Few years of that, 100k/year job. Having good looks would benefit for the career the same way being an attractive 6'2" dude helps. With those good looks I'd marry a guy who's also raking in six figures. Millionaire by the time I'm 30.

Auction my virginity to wealthy businessmen for 700k+

Then do it again.

why doesnt anyone have a source for this? it pisses me off

Findom ASMR

blue board


Faces are subjective, but my measurements are pretty good and I don't have any stretchmarks or anything. 32DD and 24 inch waist, 35in hips.

I'm a software engineering student, but I want to be able to save up enough to afford property once I graduate. Renting in Silicon Valley is horrible and I want to buy property as soon as I graduate.

I get that this is a meme and all but can you actually get away with it in the U.S.? I've only ever kissed guys before(helicopter parents) so it wouldn't even be a lie.

Some chick that was trying to seduce her professor I think

Get smart. Smart guys want smart, hot girls as wives. Be a Type A achiever and prove you can raise good kids and maintain a good home environment. Don't be degenerate. Fill the feminine role and treat your man like a king. You do these thing and you are virtually guaranteed to have a great life.

I don't derive any pleasure from cooking or cleaning, I'd rather pay someone else to do it.

I don't really know if I want to dedicate my life to treating a man like a king, or filling the feminine role.


Charge alot, but have extremely seductive/teasing photos (no face). When a man is horny enough, he'll empty his wallet for you.

Promote yourself on escort forums, tour cities, get good reviews and you're set.

You are fucked then, you will never find happiness men know you are a manipulative slut, too stupid to make your own money, depending on showing tits and ass to be liked and get some dollars.

You are just one more stupid girl who thinks will get money with looks. Guess what? men want to "use" you not love you. As you want their money.

Many sluts like you in the world.


also, why does every single retarded slut think they are so cute? sure some men will want to use you that does not mean your are a victorias secret model. Get your head off you ass and be a decent person, study work, contribute.


Lol you surely must be a virgin or a massive faggot

ugly landwhale detected
oh it was so hard to stay away from that cake and lift instead wasn't it?
stay fat and ugly bitch

Why wouldn’t you just cam whore? It’s safe, hell you can even wear a mask. To be honest though I have no idea how competitive it is or profitable

He's not wrong though

>If you were female, young, and reasonably attractive, how would you use that to your advantage to make loads of $$$?

I wouldn't. I'd use my brain. Whores are not known for prosperity or being respected by anyone of worth or integrity.

Marry and enjoy life. How easy and simple.

I don't know how women manage to fuck it up.

Rip entire spine

i unironically wish i was a girl

I can make you feel like one you faggot

same desu

How is that even a question?

I would ride daddy's cock for stuff on occasion while getting properly fucked by random Chads

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Being a girl is like living life on "very easy".

Marry non-attractive rich guy and spend all day at home doing what i truly want. Why do women chose wageslaving over that is incredible to me..

I'll sign up for an account just to report her.

because most men are abusive assholes. even the nice guys

i would suck dicks no homo

p.s. This logan youtuber guy is a stupid bitch who is fudding crypto and can't carry cash unless it's strapped to his hip with a chain.

He posted his private keys a few hours ago and is blaming crypto for his stupidity.


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cant you get your money back easily with paypal?

>blue board
If you aren't smart enough for even that, give up now



I burned almost 7k giving gift to "cute girls" on Twitch and Instagram with the retarded hope they would thank me with a date.

Pathetic virgins deserve this scam.

Are women's butts stinky?

> tfw a guy such as me could do that with a fake photo
Finally a reason to install Tinder

Girls are disgusting in general

Something about me just believes that they smell good. Maybe it's just a fetish.

Girls will literally swallow a full load a on the first date if youre attractive to them

marry an old rich dude, then murder him

Stop dating niggers, and stop dating nice niggers as well you stupid whore.

Fuck you! You haven't even heard Jamal's mixtape, it's lit!!! I like to think of it as an early investment.

not be a whore/slut and just marry a rich person

A friend of mine slept/fucked with a 60+ years old dude (she’s 25) for 75k. She’s emotionally scarred for life.

Best part: she says she did it to help her mom. She gave it all to her mom because she had a massive debt to some Ponzi scheme. Mom still treats her like shit and has no clue what she did to bail her out.

>sleep with 60+ year old guy
>let's give it all away to mummy!
are girls mentally retarded?


No women are simple children. They need to be told what to do. They're natural whores too.

She says she's scarred but if he offered a fraction of that she'd fuck him again and again.

All women are whores

She doesn’t say she’s scarred. Much to the contrary she plays it cool but I know she’s dead inside.

Camwhore with a cute cat mask on.

Modeling is ok, and you won't be shamed for it like a camwhore.

>implying you're not gonna give a girl a load on the first date if she is attractive
fucking virgins

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I would love to strangle a dumb cunt like you until you pass out. Society has turned you sluts into worthless parasites that no longer serve your purpose.

hijacking this thread, is it even possible for a guy to make money selling himself. I'm young, tall, 8 inches dick, fit and look fine (but a bit autistic)

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Show tummy pics and I’ll tell your hourly rate

Camwhoring would be easy money. Maybe give some handies and blowies for extremely high prices. Maybe do some fetish shit like let dudes lick my toe, sniff my panties.

It isn't possible for you. But definitely start dressing and grooming better

Not posting here for the attention, but I'm bi yes if that increases my chances of making cash off this

user why would you assume I don't already