do i sell now to lock in 90% loss or just ride this shit all the way to 0?

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Sell.. Every minute delayed is a loss


I'd love to make fun of you for not listening to me when I told you to sell at 15k and at 13k and 1t 11k and at 9k ...

Might as well hold now. No fucking point selling unless you really need the money to survive or something. I doubt it's ever going to 0 anyway.


Guys, I think I’ve found a little gem.
Crowdholding ( YUPIE TOKEN ) the actual Mcap is 300k USD!! listed in IDEX!
- Market cap is insanely low
- Partnership with WhalesBurg!!
- Working on the marketing campaign
- They are in talks with good exchanges.
- Oh Hey Matth spoke of this ico recently ... and said that it has tokens!

Small cap Project legit.. nice team...

10x easy... or 50x Like Payfair (another lowcap gem)

what do you think?

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I would've sold when it is down to my initial investment

Sell it all, im out

Its over

its at 10% of my initial way too late for that

take your "little gem" and shove it deep up your ass

It will be at 1% and you know it

Clearly hold, what the fuck is the point of taking 10% out unless you really, really need it.

>just ride this shit all the way to 0
are you a man that will go down with his ship

i sort of agree that i almost just dont care at this point, but the reason to sell now would be because at least 10% is better than 0%

It won't ever hit zero but lmfao if you hadn't seen a 50 dollar stock hit a dollar twenty before

>they sold

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Lock in 90% loss
The absolute state of bag holders


BTC down 62% from ATH but you're down 90%? Okay

why wont anything decouple?
i remeber vividly when eth use to move inverse to btc after its initial pump. what fucking gives are the jews unironically crashing this

Might as well ride it to the bottom

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alts and awful trading

coordinated normie elimination

Well unless you think crypto is dead, you absolutely need the money yesterday or you're convinced it will go lower (to buy cheaper yet), you'd be retarded to sell now

>Might as well ride it to the bottom
That's what I'm saying. No point in selling now

Yeah but then you don't have a good story

Same, I don't even check my Bitfolio like I used to. Just now was the first time in 3 days. Don't really give a shit about this money anymore desu.