*saves your skin*

*saves your skin*

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Copying Patrick Bateman's joke routine already saved my skin but thanks anyways.

>worlds most powerful facial
is it on pornhub?

I'm guessing you're gay?


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Shill me that clay

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I'm guessing you have pimply, oily, toxic damaged skin?

one jar will last you several years

I've noticed my skins starting to look more shit, I regret drinking so much alcohol and smoking nasty bongs.

I'm worried that ship has sailed for me now, how would you describe your skin at its worst before your routine? Would you mind taking the time to share a few tips too?

How? If you use it once a week I doubt it would last more than a few months

Honestly though injuns had some serious medicinal knowledge if nothing else.

how the fuck do you even use this jar to last several years?

This stuff mixed with Apple cider vinegar is great. Would 100% recommend

Does this stuff even work? I often see it in the deals section of Amazon but always wrote it out as a scam product.

it only works well with apple cider vinegar. just water kind of does nothing. a good face mask routine is

Aztec Clay/1x week (sunday)
European Green Clay/1x week (wednesday)

green clay can be used with water

I bought it like 4 years ago, it really is great my face feels baby smooth after but its red as hell for a few minutes and the next day my skin is back to the way it was

are you grills?

i'm a male of italian descent

This is what saved my skin, easier than everything else too

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does it help with sebaceous filaments/enlarged pores? my nose is disgusting, nothing helps so far. haven't had a nice smooth nose since i was 15.

You sound like you're full of pus.

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this is ridiculous

Jokes aside, this and male vitality from based Alex Jones is why I am a true warrior. Girls are just too stupid to appreciate my inner beauty and strength but they will realize one day..

what is it? i cant see