Will it go below 200bil total mcap today?

Will it go below 200bil total mcap today?

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maybe by the end of the week

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it's a cartoon you fucking reddit fag
hurr my safe space muh morals muh cant seperate a cartoon from muh reality.

I dont care for the pic but im not some sissyboy tuckmaster who gets triggered over things like this. just report it if you're that buttgaped over it

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>reddit spacing

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kek it's called doublespacing you underage /b/tard. It's been around for decades and long before reddit was a thing. But way to reveal how stupid you are.

oh noes I might double space and some low IQ turd shows up going hurr reddit spacing

guess I better not double space anymore or some underage faggot daddy cumdump might get triggered.

neck yourself over my double spacing you dumbfuck faggot

>more reddit spacing

You wont win user... double spacing was around long before we were alive.

By constantly refering to it as reddit spacing you show you are not only an underage faggot but also stupid and low IQ.

but please fire back with the same tired /b/tard retorts so I can fire back with more you are dumb response and laugh at the stupid underage faggot.

Arent you supposed to be in bed faggot? You have school tomorrow and 8th grade is really tiresome these days I hear. Run along lil faggot moomy and duhdy might catch you up and fuck you in the ass like they do nightly.

waiting on your hilarious and weak replies once again underage retard

Nice double line breaks fag

nice weak low Iq retort underage

oh noez more double spacing. Hope retard user doesnt call it reddit spacing like the low IQ eternal virgin he is in life.

keep going with those weak ass replies kid they are hilariously bad to read

Eleanor's THICC

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Dumbass. What are ID's etc. Double linebreaks are ugly and do not improve readability, so please fuck off.

sounds like a neato opinion you have there user. I'll fuck off when I want not when some underage faggot runs his mouth safely behind his monitor at home.

till than you can either close this thread off and forget it exists or ignore my double spacing you low iq peon.

now go cry more tears and run to your safespace cuz the mean ol man wont stop typing how he wants and doesnt give a fuck about your stupid neato opinions.

dont like it go suckle your dads dick some more underage faggot.

you cant do shit about it online and irl you would do even less so boo hoo deal with it you sissyboi tuckmaster

and noted you asked me to please fuck off like a good lil weak beta soy. I dont ask I tell something you'll learn someday if you ever figure out how to be a male and not some unman abomination. Now go tuck your balls sissy


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weak replies from weak faggots

well this sucks, i first bought into crypto around 240b mcap, when it hit 800b+ i was ecstatic thinking I'd gotten in just in time

now im starting to think i might have fallen for a scam

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why did "reddit spacing" meme ever become a thing? it has nothing to do with reddit, it's about readability. no one can tell me that they'd rather read a block of sentences mashed together without any line spacing compared to one with line spacing - it's easier to write and to read that way, hell it allows for more convenient skimming making it more accessible to readers.

i get the feeling that whenever someone calls out "reddit spacing!!!" they're either an underaged faggot or a college dropout

well i think it originally started as a legitimate. If I remember correctly.

It was originally referring to spacing like this.

Not seperated by paragraphs.

But by sentences.

Which reddit fags...

Just love to do!

And then the insult became co-opted as a basic insult you coult apply to any post you didn't like which happened to have spacing.

Kind of like how the word "botnet" got co-opted in such the same meaingless way.

le le le le le reddit xD

le Happy Merchant

le Derpina

le challenge accepted