It will never go above 8k again

It will never go above 8k again

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I read this post. Fuck.

Here are some incredibly old ones showing the delusion
Basically right at the top

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This is gold.

Nothing worse than deluded morons acting all smart. Fuck'em up.

All is lost

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I genuinely felt like we hit a new level of adoption and BTC would fly past 20k. I don't get how I could have been so wrong, It's like I was hypnotized by the gains or some shit. I'm not retarded either, I've generally been successful in everything I do. I've never been so passionately wrong in my life about anything. It feels like I fell into some weird alternate dimension. What the fuck.

m-muh adoption

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I wish to slap the shit out of the normies who were like durrr correction
>Happens every time, it'll moon in feb-march

I knew the gig was up when seeing these posts but they deluded us all.

Its a gamble. It could go either way. It didn't go your way.

Someone out there, has guessed every raise and drop correctly, simply by chance. He thinks hes a fucking God-like trader, but he has simply got lucky every time. Interesting to think about.

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I'm still up 1100% over almost 50 projects.

I would honestly rather lose the last 5 years of gains to avoid jumping off potentially the greatest bubble the world has ever seen.

Goldman says it's going to be 5-20x bigger than DotCom. You guys are a little green. Wait another quarter, i'm sure you can handle it.

Join us next month for:

>it will never go above 6k again

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same user
i am not Einstein level smart but not a brainlet either. i have been successful in so many things but failed in crypto. now i am still in here not for gains but for ego. just to prove that i was right and gains are there.

OP here and OP in the image
I have been trying to save neckbeard neets for like 4 months now
They just dont get it
I remember the guy who took out a loan against his parents house
was top tier lols

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Whats funny is that you’re the ones with the delusion now.

massive amounts of biz bears shorting. Bullish youtubers turning bearish. Widespread panic.

This is it. Time to buy

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>Goldman says it's going to be 5-20x bigger than DotCom

Even better - they FUD it loudly in the media and say this quietly, while preparing trading desks.

June - July they launch that. If nothing else, bull THEN. Meanwhile, just keep buying and removing the supply from the market. Let's keep as many of our coins as we can.

Time goes on... another year, another bubble bursts.

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Cap it
and cap me

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I don't intend to buy one cent above 3k. Use that info how you want brainlet

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I did NOT say to keep buying.

We still have a ways to go. From my experience, I can sense a 100$ ethereum coin, and maybe a bitcoin floating a little above 4.5k


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How many Christmas presents do you think that guy gave?

I'm saving these for the keks. Keep them coming OP.

Well since everyone is still posting screenshots heres another long one. I thought this guys reasoning was funny. Probably thought he was pretty clever. Didn't work out for him though eh?

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Hes retarded. I'm not even a normie but the process of setting this shit up is complicated. Especially if you're not fluent with computers (I am). Still, its not fucking simple. Then you have a million different websites claiming to help you, which most of them scream SCAM, which is very off putting.

jesus christ

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top kek

It's like this person never played a single hand of online poker

Why do you say that?

Because when internet poker was good it was exactly as he described: tons of suckers that only had to put in their credit card number and thought they could bluff their way onto espn and the world series final table

explain sir

youre doing god work user

This is a good thread even if I'm seeing my old posts here.

I hope everyone here is JUST being ironic.

I'm gonna be rich as fuck this time next year. Stay infinitely mad

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Goxed. The first gox-selloff cut short the bullrun. The next few cemented the bear. Downward spirals are just as powerful so 10k 9l 8k 6k 4k 2k 1k is possible just like 12k 13k 14 16k 18k 20k was. Probably just as short as well.

simply by chance? You make your luck. Dont let life defeat you before you even try. go outside

It went up too fast at end of last year because of the tether shit back in like oct / nov.

When it was toying with 8k it was looking like a head and shoulders & healthy dip, then there was like huge amount of tether > shoots to 10k and beyond > CME futures come online in december > smart money sees ez opportunity to short the absolute shit out of it, and down she goes.

Without tether and 'fake money', BTC would have been nudging 10k last year, would have consolidated around where it is now for months before big ass moon. However because of the hype, the explosion of interest in december and new money being burned, new money has stopped, shit, I have gotten more emails from exhchanges begging for deposits in the last month than at any time last year. When it all bleeds out, then get back in.

so people will stop mining?