Did anyone actually Tether the top and buy bottoms?

Curious, did anyone actually tether near the top and buy bottoms?

Even if you just picked one or two solid projects like REQ and Link, if you'd have tethered the top on Binance, and say, re-bought those at 10K, you'd have more than doubled that stack on the bounce.

Sell that 100%, and tether again, wait for that next dip to 6K, another 100%. Sell.

That's where it got tricky, and that hard ALT bleed was unexpected by most, I think.

Either way, the hindsight is pretty fucking brutal, man.


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so true.
Well done op

I tethered at bitcoin at 14k. Bought back in at 9k. Idk. I'm not great at this kek.

Ah, so you bought after the first bounce up, but before the next hard bleed?

Agh.... sorry dude. Hope you sold on that final bounce up.

Nah still holding. But I have over a bitcoin now. Feels good. I'll sell in a couple years when we break 30k.

Funny story since I did the opposite initially. I sold 1700 ICX when BTC was at 6100 and tethered out of sheer stupidity. It was about 30% down from my initial and I panicked. I held that tether bet even after it went back to 11-12k twice. Alts were getting absolutely crushed on the way back down. Finally during the last dip to 7200 I rebought into ICX when it was 1.60 and got 2100. I actually fucking won sticking to my guns. I then sold at 3.40 and tethered It mooned past that but I stuck to my guns. I am still holding out for more sub 2 dollar ICX or maybe NULS when BTC goes below 7k this time. Today as it stands I am over my initial and getting more sats with each day. Stick to your guns dudes.

tethered just under ath on ~14th january but i'm not buying these dips lol. ill wait for everything to flatline before considering and that'll probably be a few months

how could you not buy that $6K dip? Most shit was literally under its original mooning price.

dont really give a shit, got in during the summer and pulled out my initial and then some. Now I've got free 20k riding in come what may

I considered it when I saw massive green candles but I was an idiot. Better safe than sorry I guess

I didn't tether (don't trust it, I actually prefer real fiat and then the other stablecoins over USDT) but I hedged all of my holdings with a short at 16k (Used 1/5th of my capital as margin) which at the time was pretty badly timed but I held it because I could see 10k levels on the radar. I've covered portions of it at certain points but I am still in the position, adding back to it bought its average down to 12k however but its done well, unfortunately the contract settles tomorrow so I'll be covering it fully then.

But you waste so much time getting trades in from re-buying.... Tether has saved my ass, and you should consider using it short term.

If tether tanks then crypto is fucked in the short term anyway, so really the risk-reward here is in favor of using it for short periods

Yep. Short term in and out. No way to get fucked, unless magically within that 40 minutes you hold it shit hits the fan. Not likely.

I've been trading everyday since dec 2016 so I'd be trading anyway, its perfect for me because 4/5ths of my capital remains available for positions. I'd never use usdt like I said there are better stablecoins out there and that's failing exchanging for an actual fiat pair, honestly I don't get why people would use tether over fiat its an unnecessary risk.

>Yep. Short term in and out. No way to get fucked, unless magically within that 40 minutes you hold it shit hits the fan. Not likely.
Yeah you should certainly be using derivative contracts to short instead if you are working on those timeframes, you'll be able to make much more, even on 2x you'll be getting 2x the amount of BTC for no increase in risk.

This is biz, we buy the tops and tether the bottoms. And nobody does it better than we do

Unbelievable how naive you young investors are. Honestly man, good luck.

Thanks man. Good luck to you as well.

>implying I shower
You fucked up

IMO Tether can't crash because the majority of people won't sell their tether for less than $0.99 anybody else think so?

looks about right

Bought in with some fresh money when btc bit 6.5k, tethered that bit on the way up at 8k and am still in tether atm. It's been almost 2 months. Haven't touched the rest of my portfolio and it has been justed to death.