HODL was a meme all along..
Who fell for it?
Anyone sold at the top ?
Whats your plan

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t f w

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>trusting memes with your money

Why do retarded people go into trading?

Paying taxes on 350k, ouch

>UP 1000% before the crash
>almost breakeven


Sold at ath but only worth 100$, but still I am better than you

Was up 100k, now up 10k...didn't sell a god damn thing, feels bad. Pulling the plug now, feel so fucking stupid. Will try at the next run. But there's a lot of ppl who actually lost money so guess I'm alright.

lol nah

dude, are you retarded? anyone who made 300K out of thin air in 3 months will gladly pay 90K in taxes to square up, because making 200K from magical internet money is AMAZING.

ya'll are dumb as rocks.

what if...this whole time bitcoin was a scheme cooked up by the government to squeeze more money out of us without having to raise taxes?

n-not me

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>gladly pay taxes
Oh, boy, that is some prime cuck here.

A week after this purchase, my portfolio was worth around $50 but I held because selling at a loss is for low iq twats. “HODL is a meme” was the real meme

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Real just

You bought before the big bubble or bullrun w/e you want to call it.

Hodl $100 is easier than holding 10k$ +

It sounded too easy to be true.

Probably their way of getting us to suck money out of other countrys as people in other countrys jumped at the chance to invest in crypto making a lot of US early adopters wealthy and pay more in taxes.

Losing 50% is losing 50% no matter how much money you have.
This $100 was everything I had (right after I graduated, just got a job, student debt out the ass)
People were saying the bubble was popping then.


when other people give you investment advice, aka HODL, they have THEIR best interest in mine, not yours.

you got left HODLING the bag as smart investors cashed out at 19k, 18k, 17k, 16k, 15k, 12k, 10k, etc etc

listen friend
Hold in bull market
hold in bear market=rekt
plain and simple
You just happened to be an early adopter. This rule is different for u
Enjoy losing potential profits tho ;^)

How is $100 everything you have? Even minimum wage, you can get that in a long day of work.

$10k is way more than $100 any way you slice it.

Im glad for your gains user.
But this time the bubble has really popped and we need to bottom out before another bullrun.

Everyone of my fucking normiefriends tried investing in btc. Also my dad wanted me to buy him some. Even his old normie friends asked me to buy them some.

Trying to time a rigged market = rekt
But I get what you’re saying. Unfortunately things are extremely unpreditable right now and if someone has held through this last crash, it’s safer to continue to hold.
Also, I’ve take profit and and mostly tethered right now.

Financial on my own at 18. All money went to pay for school, food, insurance, rent, etc.
50% LOSS IS A 50% loss any way you slice it

>rigged market
boi, the things people tell themselves to cope

You’re right that the bubble has popped, but we’re down 70% from ath. The dotcom bubble also popped but look at tech stocks today. Good on you if you took profits on the way down, but it’s idiotic to sell this low f you’ve held all the way down. People are calling for much lower but what the fuck do they know. This markets rigged to shit.

Been holding since I bought the top at 160 USD in april 2013.

Eat my shorts if you don’t think this market is manipulated to shit


People also cashed out at 4k 5k 6k 7k because they are smart investors

You can cherry pick all day long, but timing the market is like gambling. Cashing out profits is never wrong on the other hand