From $260K to this

>from $260K to this
Post your cucked portfolios

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About same. 250k at the top

Just fuck my shit up bro

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This is gonna drop more, I'll buy back at $60

I guess I should start planning on when to tether up

ALL in REQ, after selling half at the top and re-buying bottoms.

Up 200%. REQ's floor is about .15, so, not worried.

Super comfy.

>market starts to nosedive or gets stuck in a range
>no more algo trading threads
>most ""portfolio"" graphs from retards look exactly the same
really weird

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Blood. Buh..buh..blood.

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I've seen worse (21k€ ATL)

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>didnt sell eth at 1250
>didnt sell at 1k
>didnt sell at 900
>didnt see at 800
>didnt sell at 600
>didnt sell at 500
>didndt sell at 450


Only KING will survive in this onslaught, you know what I mean. as long as you enter EOS below 6$, no matter what happen to BTC. your investment is safe until May END.

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>120k to 60k


redpill me on IOST


I just deleted blockfolio today, all it did was serve as a reminder of how hard I have failed. Not as bad as a lot of you guys, but it was still a lot of money for me, I'm just going to check back in December and see how it goes.
Initial: $5.5k over 3 months
ATH: $8k
Current: $2.5k

320K to 65K

All in ICX

750k to 180k
cashed out a good chunk at 'return to normal' tho

Why won’t it stop going down? Who’s selling? Why don’t these weak handed faggots just hold on?

Literally identical, Ven?

Bunch of idiots couldn't sell the most predictive bubble in history. Fell for the HODL meme on reddit. Never learn. The lowest IQ person is one who capitalizes on an investment at the beginning but then holds on to it after exponential growth. All of you with huge losses deserve it for browsing reddit and believing that echo chamber.

the problem is that we have (had) exponential growth week over week so this notion that "lol they should have sold" is totally misguided, lots of people who have been in this long enough have seen the 100x's and such

I sold several times (including enough to pay taxes). I even called the ETH peak and sold about 10 ETH there. I doubt anyone sold their entire amount, and the bubble burst far too quickly IMO. There was about a week where the prices couldn't move any further and it seemed manipulated which is where I cashed out another 20k. I still left half in.

80k to 20k



from $240k to $30k, I don't use folio

Nice larp faggot

damn son, here is an asian to cheer you up.

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thanks, got some more?

>from $125k to $28k

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Hah - my brother!
from 140k€ down to 10k€. I'm a poor fuck again.

>2018 is gona be huge for crytpo

I fell for this bullshit

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jesus fuck, worst one I've seen thus far. Real?

From 12k Euro down to 4k.

Started with 3.5k kill me pls

Yup thank god I have a decent job and wasn’t relying on this shit...

I said I was gona cash out 500k at 1.5M, clearly I should of lowered my target

>started with 50k, have 100k currently
Look at it this way, that's still far better than you could have done with stocks.

Alright Veeky Forums, I'm giving up on crypto, cashing out, and not sure what to do now. I'm a 28 year old NEET and have $80k now, really not sure what to do with it. Should I get vanguard funds or what?

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>Alright Veeky Forums, I'm giving up on crypto, cashing out, and not sure what to do now. I'm a 28 year old NEET and have $80k now, really not sure what to do with it. Should I get vanguard funds or what?
consider buying a cheap house if you live in a low COL part of the country, get a day job, start a family, save, enjoy life lol

most americans dont have 80k in their 20's in cash even at 28

All in link, pic rel just this week

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literally me, minus two zeros.

My ath was 800k in january

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Im newby in bitcoin do I wait for buy bitcoin until drops to $1k or less?

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I win
110k to 17k

From $1.5k in January to this

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Here's all I see when I look at my portfolio.

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Im retard, i know

Yes, I fell for the 16 year old slav startup ERC20 token. But it honestly looked very good until Max stopped responding in the TG after the January shitstorm

3K to 50K
Well I guess it is back to forex till we reached 3K per btc