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Realistically, how fucked is generation Z?

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They just need a good vargpilling thats all

Nothing Varg does or says is a threat to the system. If he were he wouldn't be allowed a platform. He thinks things are going to "collapse" but they won't, the system will keep going until it's dismantled or we're all dead.

Some of them seem pretty cool.

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Probably not more than millenials.

Just go fuck off. Youre posting this because you want to feel superior to a large group of people, and that means that, more than likely, youre even worse than them

The virgin millennial loses thousands on crypto markets while the chad gen z makes hundreds selling juul pods at his high school

If most of your friends are women, it's pretty unlikely that you won't get laid until age 35.

Not my experience at all. Gen Z's are manly. They meme the hell out of feminists. Exactly zero boys walked out of my son's class for the protest a couple weeks ago. Social media use is in decline. The pendulum is swinging back toward reason from the Millennials.

These generational names are totally retarded and meaningless and always dated incorrectly anyway.

hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times.

What's next? Can there be any more generations after z?

Generation z will be the chadest gen ever.

Gen y will forever be remembered as gender fluid virgins who bought Nintendo switches before losing W/E they had on crypto and their wives to nigs

gen z have chances.
millennials are still blaming boomers for their all woes and have completely absolved gen x of any blame, which is fucking retarded as shit.

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Generation alpha

my experience with gen Z has been good. Isn't /pol/ calling them gen zyklon cause they're the most conservative gen in a century?

Two kids from my boxing gym are little studs.

Indicators put gen z as the most conservative since the great depression

Is 22 years old Gen Z and not millennial?

The youngest millennial is 26, with some overlap.

I'm relieved. I don't want to be part of the Nintendo switch gen

Implying that gen Z will be better in the workplace or working with others or under a boss than millennials is insane. Most of them will need to start their own businesses or they'll be fucked.

Boomers still control most of the jobs

Unless if you enter tech or journalism

>those darn kids just don't get it and will ruin everything
T. Greek philosopher from 2000bc

I'm 21, I know I'm right on the line between the two and I'm tempted to just say I'm Gen Z but in my heart I think I'm just a Millennia because I have a lot of their qualities and don't have a lot of optimism.

I would argue that ~98 is the cutoff between gen Z and millennials but there is definitely overlap.

Gen Z is the most conservative since the WW2 generation economically, your pic really applies to millenials more.

>I'm 21, I know I'm right on the line between the two and I'm tempted to just say I'm Gen Z but in my heart I think I'm just a Millennia because I have a lot of their qualities and don't have a lot of optimism.

if you're old enough to remember life before smartphones than you are millennial, if not z.

That's kinda dumb I mean I remember Facebook getting popular in middle school but I never used it and I had an Ipod but not a smart phone.


lol you're 21, that's not even close to millennial.
you remind me of the faggot millennials born in the late 80s who act like they even remember what the 80s were like.
it was pretty shit fyi.

Maybe but I can't relate to my fellow Gen Z's (if that's the case) probably just autism desu, doubt I'd have done better in any other time. Oh well, thank god for the internet and escapism, would have killed myself years ago without them.

My experience has been good too. I'm not saying I'm evidence, being an ultra-conservative race realist gook, but most male white kids I've met are based or secretly based. People under-estimate how fucking disgusting soyboys, "feminist" men and hipsters are. Like, really, really disgusting. I'd rather gas them than the Jews if we were picking based on emotional reaction.

About 50% as many white girls are based and most black women are very practical and socially conservative. Black dudes have 0 hope though, however, individual examples will shine very brightly.

It won’t collapse because not enough people will do what Varg says. His plans are a threat to the system if people would actually do it. But I fear you are right and the system will plod on with the dumb goyim.

21 is millennial bud, if you remember 9/11 you’re a millennial (or older)

Porn addiction for guys.
And sex at age 12 for girls.

That's gen Z in Europe.

I don't, fuck now I'm even more confused. Just gonna stick with millennial until I figure this shit out.

Yeah, I know the feeling, i see these millennials with their soyboy antics and i can't relate to any of it. By the same token though, I just can't relate to gen x because they're just a younger version of boomers.
The 20 year gap is too big.

REeeEeeeeeeEEEE this is biz go back 2 pol

>His plans are a threat to the system if people would actually do it
Don't know his plans, but unless they involve using the state apparatus to make policy changes that will reverse trends I doubt they will be a serious threat.

>demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years.

26 year old gay trump supporter here. Growing up, I never fit in and was forced to be secretly based for years since I grew up In a blue state. Nice to see people finally waking up to the ((bankers)) lies. Also, if you're old enough to remember when holocaust denial was the worst thing ever but now see that it's not such a bad thing anymore, then you're a millennial.

I've been thinking of getting a new wardrobe and style, maybe it will help me relate better to Z's, they seem very fashion conscious. I don't know it's something at least and worst case I get a better sense of style.

I fail to see how this generic tard rage is Veeky Forums related. Explain or be moved to /trash/

do soyboys get laid
>asking for a friend

It deals with how gen Z will handle themselves In the shit economy.


The millennials that happen to be SJWs are unintentionally redpilling Gen Z because that generation is seeing how mentally degenerate SJWs are. It's only a matter of time before the SJW movement dies and with the help of Gen Z

Anything between now and Singularity is fucked

damn somehow I'm glad my dad is a piece of shit and not some weird Veeky Forums poster like you
jesus what has the world come to

Pretty. Leftism is a bubble that is about to pop.

They change this shit every week though.
the gaps are too large. you can have a father and son be in the same generation gap, which is pretty weird in my opinion.

Based Kyle.


>Realistically, how fucked is generation Z?

They are fucked by themselves just like the milennials. Stupid deluded whether worshipping hitler or calling to give up their own rights to own firearms. Unable to do anything anyone wants and urbanised and socialised to the extent they are mental drones, cruel, stupid and useless.

>when holocaust denial was the worst thing ever but now see that it's not such a bad thing anymore, then you're a millennial.

Older millennials are more fucked. Young millennials are OK. Most people on Veeky Forums these days are closer to Gen Z than true peak Millennial, so I can understand the sentiment that Gen Z will be more favored here.

10 year old girls must have sex, my friend, because it is a basic need.
t. sexually manipulative psychopath who is allowed to interact with children

because there is nothing wrong with the iphone x it is the best phone out of all of them until z comes out which i think will be even better

t. Mohammad

People of all ages are just fucked. Stop falling into the generational warfare trap.

t. geriatric fuck

Say that to my face fucker. I killed girlymen like you in nam for fun

What's the disctinction between 90's kids and Millennials then?