I feel like in a few years 90's nostalgia is going to be H U G E

I feel like in a few years 90's nostalgia is going to be H U G E.

How can I capitalize on this? Should I stock up on pogs?

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too late you dumb cunt, i remember that tacky neon shit flooding malls 5 years ago.

this business model doesn't work anymore. people don't buy shit. people will just watch a top 10 video on youtube even if it's only 10 minutes long and contains three 30-second ads


it's a done trend

next trend is 2003 tech

I think we are going to see alot more nostalgia for winows XP tier tech

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holy shit OP you are the slowest motherfucker around

90s nostalgia peaked in 2014-2015

Have you not heard synthwave? People already cashed in on the 90's meme.


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Nostalgia cycle is 20 years. Clubs are already playing late 90s europop.

You're too late.

>90s nostalgia ended in 2014-2015

synthwave is neo-80's
>next trend is 2003 tech
this, 2000s nostalgia will be in full swing by 2020 and will peak around 2023

The 90s nostalgia wave is about to end
Pic related is what's being sold by Tommy Hilfiger right now with other 90s shit like those gay bucket hats and flashy clothes in general
Haven't you noticed last year bomber jackets were a trend along with clothes that have big as fuck logos on them?

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no it isn't, my dad was listening to this stuff in the 90's

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>my dad was listening to this stuff in the 90's
looks like he got stuck in the 80's

Even the color scheme is downright 80's... I hate to quote wikipedia but...
>Synthwave (also called outrun, retrowave and futuresynth[1]) is a genre of electronic music[2] influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games.
>It expresses nostalgia for 1980s culture, attempting to capture the era's atmosphere and celebrate it

hurr durr anyone can edit wikipedia. not going to believe some glasses wearing nerdy millenial (it was probably you) that edited a wikipedia article over what I KNOW

Your dad bought and held 80's hype bags into the 90s and you're defending him.

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Nah, synthwave is pure 80s, you are wrong.


This track is peak late 90s/early 2000s nostalgia fuel


All in 90s funko pops

Also this


fuuug, I didn't ask to be 2000 nostalgia'd right now

where did the time ago? How is it almost 2020 already?

I need to stop but you got me started

90s nostalgia came and went, you'll have to market whatever plastic infused dogshit early 2000s retards played with when they inevitably start talking about how 00s kids were the best.

Buy tamagochis in bulk
Trust me on this

better yet make good tamagotchi app

youre an idiot

Invest in glow in the dark neon, blacklights, and CS 1.6

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>that super soaker was standard issue to the majority of the kids on the block
>the rich kid on the block showed up to the water gun fight with a backpack reservoir super soaker 300
>mfw all I had was akimbo squirt pistols

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Thanks for making a me a millionaire kid

it stops at 1999. culture after 1999 is just remakes

staaaap pls (don't stop)

You’re about 8 years too late, might even be too late for early 2000s nostalgia. Your best chance is for mid 2000s nostalgia in a couple years.

nostalgia works in 20 year increments
in the 20s the 2000s will have a nostalgia boom

This but unironically
Name 1 (one) distinctive trend from the 2000s that people still remember

pop punk/emo


Hipster shit.
(Flannel, beards, craft beer, indie music, "ironic" tattoos)

all those things are early 2010s m8

yesss bring back the rock music and emo scene girls. Hayley Williams 2.0 when?

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Do you get your internet from under a rock?

They already brought that shit back SJWs claimed the genre as their own.

early 2000 sounds cool.

>synthwave and 90's
the absolute state of biz

This Also, hipsters were a minority that got made fun of by normies
Normies in the 90s all unironically wore flashy windbreakers, bucket hats and neon crotch pants

I've only seen really shitty punk musical with political lyrics
nothing to do with pop punk or pop emo

fug, looks like I'll have to wait until they emotionally collapse, ditch feminism, and revive emo to accept their fate as scene slut revival. Not gonna lie, I spent my early adulthood life during the peak of emo punk scene and still find emo scene girls sexy.

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This song gives me dem early 2000s nostalgia feels:

Although this song being included in GTA V probably fucks with the nostalgia factor for people.