Reminder to buy Shipchain below ICO price

13M market cap.

Perdue Farms Track and Trace launch in the next few days.

This one is a no brainer.

Why you guys buy billion dollar marketcap garbage when you could buy Shipchain which is criminally undervalued. Check the team + advisors.

Don't miss this. Big exchanges coming soon.

X10 by May

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sell lamden for ship?

kys Martian

Yo baby, you say Perdue chickens?

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sell everything for ship

go away vladimir

Which exchange?

Only on IDEX now

Get this before all the retarded normies that can't use IDEX

Thanks user. I'd seen a little of this one, but giving it a closer look now.

i dont give a fuck about where my chicken traveled, its covered under the FDA

this should be worth 0

I held this, bought at .09 cents, and after a while in their cancer of a Telegram, got out.

The most hostile, disgusting shit I've ever seen. Team members and admins language use is fucking bonkers.

I feel like this might actually never take off, and eventually die, where now you can at least swing trade.

I'd get out.

Below ICO price lmao

Also, this is my shill, originally, too. KEK.

I no longer believe.

Are you talking about Block Array?

No. Shipchain. Their TG is fucking awful. The worst.

Yeah i agree the telegram is cancer, lead by that fucking nigger

Yeah nice research you stupid fucking mongoloid, its got nothing to do with that you absolute filthy pajeet. go shit in your mothers mouth ranjeet

Wheres my airdrop reeeeeeeeee?

what you talking about andrey?

Actually not a bad buy at this price.

I actually work at Purdue farms on the eastern shore of MD. I can confirm they are NOT using this stupid garage of a coin for anything that we do. Nice try retard. Run from this. People didn't even get there airdrop yet, they cant even do that right. Do you think Purdue is going to need a dinky coin to track there product. We put them on big trucks and ship them off. A tenth of them die in transit anyway.

niggers ITT think supply chain will be run by a shitcoin that gets pumped by pakis and chinks rather than IBM. stupid niggers never learn. supply chain coins are a meme. get memed on faggits

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Post proof, or else my father works at Nintendo Farms

That's it, I'm contacting Perdue Farms directly. Will report back.

same person


Buying an absolute shitcoin in this market. Good lord.

Why would it take off? It's just another shitcoin in the sea of shitcoins. This one is especially bad because it doesn't actually have a purpose.

Shipchain aims to provide a currency for shipping, so businesses need to buy shipchain coins for what reason exactly? None. It's like going to a theme park and being given fake dollars, its absolutely fucking useless, in fact its a burden on any business to use.

Dump this garbage before you're bagholding forever. There's a lot of money in shitcoins that need to die off, SIA is a good example. 400 million dollar shitcoin that does essentially nothing and will never do anything, the currency is pointless even if the idea behind it is valid.

thank you for speaking some sense in this sea of shit coins. lots of coins are going to the graveyard over the next few months. shitchain will get deep sixed to davey jone's locker