That horrifying moment when you realize these will be continually minted for eternity with no cap

That horrifying moment when you realize these will be continually minted for eternity with no cap.

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Can this shit please just crash. I'm so fucking tired of crypto faggots. I'm so tired of these pointless meme currencies that contribute literally nothing to the world except eating up energy, wasting time on solving pointless algorithms that do nothing to advance humanity, and in general cause more harm than good.
I cannot wait for this shit to crash and hit rock bottom, and all of the shit-eating grin cunts that bought up all the GPU supply are BTFO forever.
lol @ all the faggots on this board with your "portfolios" of useless meme currencies that you can do nothing with and you treat it as a legitimate investment.

u mad
and also correct



>I’m not mad! You’re mad!
>wall of text

>muh gpu supply
Video games are for children.

>nocoiners everyone

Fixed supply you idiot

hi pcuck

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kek someone sold at 6k

Inflation isn't a bad thing, there is a reason every single currency is inflationary. With Casper ETH inflation will decrease by 30x, making it smaller than Bitcoin's inflation. BTC will only truly become deflationary after the last Bitcoin gets mined over 100 years from now.

>crypto contributes nothing to the world
>muh graphics cards
Gamers contribute nothing to the world, except an example of what manchildren soyboys look like and do.

It crashed because of the exploit of making unlimite eth in december news.

I'm buying more 1070s for my mining setup in the next week and there's nothing you can do about it.

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I'll send you 10 ETH if you can show me a news article saying that. But I know you won't do it because you're a sad liar.
I really need that 10ETH right now, buddy

That's not MAKING eth, it's for withdrawing ETH from coinbase. 0/10 reading comprehension.

That's literally the news article in question and the piece of relevant information causing the FUD storm -- it was possible to credit your ETH balance on Coinbase (all that matters to normies) with unlimited ETH using this exploit.

I knew you wouldn't pay up, chump. 0/10 bait.

I wasn't trying to bait, you said 'making unlimited eth' which made it sound like people were minting ETH out of nothing. This exploit is not unlimited because coinbase has a finite amount of eth, and it does not involve making any eth.

I'm not the original poster, I'm just trying to get 10ETH here. Hell, .5 will do. Please stop the Poloniex liquidation crew.


It's basically capped at 100 million. The inflation rate is stunted almost until it doesn't exist. Also, staking with POS and built-in sinks, etc.

The supply is ultimately limited

Here's my ETH addy. Thx.


If you don't keep your part of the bargain, I'm putting some voodoo black contract magic on your gains. Enjoy.

I am, and I'm serious about the voodoo. lol

Hey I also demand some ETH. He's already said that this piece of news doesn't count as "MAKE" so semantically he believes himself to be clear of the verbal bet contract.

I say we go to /x/ or 8/fringe/ and learn how to do some voodoo against him. I demand satisfaction!

eth has gone from 1250 to 400 in less than 2 months?

If you annualize that rate of inflation its literally worse than zimbabwe during hyperinflation lmao.

nigger tier useless currency, woudl not wipe my ass with eth

He's looking for loopholes. Won't exempt him. This news is really why ETH crashed.

Already know, and him making a deal binds him.

What kind of hex you gonna use senpai?

I can't wait until it takes 1 trillion ETH to buy a loaf of bread.


To mine what?

How can you tell if you're cursed? Cause I'm literally at my rope's end here and its uncanny how bad it's gotten. What the fuck do?

Doing hex is risky af because of mirror effects, but him making a deal and breaking his part gets rid of the risks for me to fuck him up. lol. gg.

>Can this shit please just crash.
It already did/is you dipfuck

he wants it to crash some more because he started being pissed at ETH when it was around 2 digits, is my guess. so this doesn't imply a crash to him because the people he was fudding bought way below. it literally won't make him feel better until it goes below the point he started being pissed at crypto