Why aren’t you playing Paragon, Veeky Forums? It has actual graphics

Why aren’t you playing Paragon, Veeky Forums? It has actual graphics.

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what are you, gay? shave that shit

Hey dude, how have you been doing on bitmex lately?

Recovering. Doubled my stack in a month and for the past two weeks have been patiently short 1x.

That is one huge dick

I know this is just spam but why does this guy have such girly fingers

Paint that dick green. We've seen enough red candles for one day

That's a pretty nice cock OP. Too bad it's been mutilated, but I'd still ride it.

Isn't the length of a PS4 game cover just 5.87 inches in length?

Is it true you only scalp 1m heikin ashi?

Yes, but with much lower frequency now than before.

6.7inches so that benis isn't much bigger if at all since he's measuring from the side.


big if true

I thought it was because his bitch was holding his dick, not him.

>game case takes up 55% of the image
>people only talk about the dick

my dick is unironically like 2 inches bigger than this dude's

true if big

i should honestly make that same pic it would become legendary on biz. i have some ps4 cases around

LOL ded. If it was black, we've seen enough death crosses for one day.

Big if true

Sticky this fucking thread already

do it faggot

crypto is going to die just like paragon you fuck tard, the only difference is paragon is giving everyone that submits a ticket all their money back.

This is why I’ve been trying to get people into Paragon. It’s shutting down but it’s still outperformed all their shitcoin losses.

Great cock, obvs. I’m kinda jealous.

actual bump