This fucker tried to ROB be of bitcoins...What can i do???

Met with him at a starbucks, he grabbed me money and tried to run off, someone saw this and tripped him, he fell and his wallet fell out and my money as well (was in envelope) he ran away...cops say "not much can be done"

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Call the bog brothers

Not your personal army fajeet

do you have friends?

try to set up another buy (be patient and calm) and beat the fuck out of the nigger

The fuck does that even mean, not much can be done? You have his ID which has his address and I’m assuming witnesses to a robbery. Why don’t the lazy ass cops go to his house and I don’t know, arrest this scum? Wtf.

oh wait

>notice the black hand in OP
>nigs nigging nigs

carry on

go have a shoot out with him like you guys normally do in Chicago

Blackmail? You have his info so yo u can use it for something, maybe pay him a visit at his place with a few friends and teach him a lesson about why stealing is wrong...

Don't you check the score before meeting in person?

They said unless it was caught or other witnesses saw exactly what happened and are WILLING to goto court and testify that nothing can be done. I was able to find his buddy who was waiting outside starbucks as well from Facebook defectiveness. Im shaken up and was really scary.

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welcome to the black market bitch

i thought the same and I'm dark skinned hispanic

This was someone at starbucks who grabbed the wallet, I ran after him but he ran off to his buddy

Dont you check their skin color before proceeding with the deal?

>pointing a gun at the camera and regularly participates in criminal activity
Why do blacks do shit like this, don't they know shit like this can be used against them later?

Why don't you just handle it in the traditional nigger fashion?

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5,11 and 140lbs xD
Go beat that mother fucker to the ground

You were going to buy BTC in person?

If so, you have to be ready for this kind of shit to happen, especially in Chicago, ESPECIALLY IN AUSTIN OR ON THE SOUTHSIDE.

Why would you expect shit to not go down out there on the West Side or South Side? I'm in Lakeview but if I were meeting up to buy anything I'd double check the part of town because you know shit's going to be sketchy depending on what neighborhood you're in... Come on man, you should know this shit.

showed me screen shot of I'm guessing someone else wallet, and as soon as i got my phone out to to the transaction he grabbed my envelope and tried to run off. was quite the commotion, i am SO thankful i got my money but I'm not gonna lie i was really shaken and fucked up.

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they don't think longterm
imagine if you were drunk all the time, what kind of things would you do?
thats the avg black persons brain all the time

this was at a starbucks in the burbs (good/decent area) and I'm a girl.

Op your a black guy in chiraq, there is only one thing to do

Call up chief keef

why dont you have a strong man like me protecting you

im a girl, no BF or crazy guy friends. i guess I'm lucky i got my money back.

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>this was at a starbucks in the burbs (good/decent area) and I'm a girl.

Hope you had a male friend come with you at least for the deal

im a girl, this was in a GOOD area. The some person picked up his wallet and was going through his ID and cops called. I took a picture incase they took the wallet which they did.

When you suddenly remember you're a nigger.

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niggers gonna nig

basically this
you guys seem to forget this stuff is used to buy drugs, guns and more fun things
get street smart faggots

ummmmmm.... there was like 20+ people inside, GOOD area and he showed screenshots of some wallet and seemed OK....I know I'm stupid for going though with this, but he seemed OK. I'm honestly so fucked up and scared you guys don't even know

3 options
Call up chief keef or Kanye
Pack heat and confront the guy
Go to BuzzFeed and complain about racist cops

Here is what you do:

Order takeaway food to his house from different places for a year
Post shit through his letterbox
Key his car
Brick his windows
Basically torment this guy mentally
Leave voicemails of just dead air on his phone
He’s a nigger so you can also just go the traditional pay someone to break his legs route

You shouldn’t let this just go away, OP. A man has tried taking from you, and though you kept the money, he DID take something from you. If you fail to retatliate apparopiately, he took something far more valuable than money. And you already admit you’re shaken up.

What I would do: pay someone to quite literally break his legs at the kneecaps
Takes maybe paying 2 guys, make sure they are good for it, then have them take a hammer to his knee caps until shattered

Next time, consider meeting outside the police station

Just move the fuck out of that nigger infested shithole. Problem solved.

it's a bitch she won't feel any resonance with what you posted. no honor or anger or vengance, shes just a scared snowflake after the fact.

you should be having babies with a good man not selling your internet coins to niggers in starbucks. turn your life around.

or just sell through gemini and get a free bank ACH.

OP is obviously trying to evade taxes, and for some reason chose a nigger to sell to

im a 5'2 90 pound girl, what am i gonna do? I just wanted to buy some bitcoin locally (can't use coinbase and don't know another way) really fuckin shaken up and scared.

lmao rekt

You shouldnt have relaxed. If I was about to do a trade and that guy was the seller, I'd 360 the fuck outta there.

how do u not have any guy friends?
is this fucking bait
youre a petite girl u should have 100 beta orbiters that would beat some nog up for you

coinbase, cex, gemini, theres a dozen or so sites you can use in the US

he posted on craigslist, he showed "proof" he met me at starbucks in the middle of the day with lots ppl around.

I not able to buy much from coinbase, and this was my only way. I didn't do ANYTHING WRONG!

Austin ghetto. I live in Chicago

go to his address and cut his fingers off

Wow, this thread is still alive...Veeky Forums really is the epitome of stupid. Look at the hand, re-read the story you absolute mongs.

I'm sorry gurl, you gonna be okay? Why cant you use Coinbase?

lol im in chicago too, lets jump him

what did you expect from a nigger? why not buy from a white/asian?

i goto school and I game, i don't really talk to guys since I'm super shy, i have guy friends but not really, I had friends in school but never macho guy friends.

damn lets form a bitcoin gang in chicago

What does being in a good area have to do with anything? That's like thinking you can't get shot in a gun free zone. Criminals don't care about shit like that. Seriously, I want to hear your thought process on this because it isn't the first time I've heard someone say it. How does that somehow make you safer?

I don't see a gun? If you mean the guy in the back. Looks like money

kek you're onto something user

i thought he was some italian guy "gio"

Looks like he's pointing a gun at the phone, hard to tell with the shit res

predominately white area, and the fuckin police station was maybe half a mile away.


Confirmed fag. Don't talk shit about the Southside when it has nothing to do with this story.

Buy eth from localethereum then just sell it for bitcoin. Can pay through PayPal etc even, and you don’t need ID.
Plus a lot of traders are trying to dodge taxes (me included) and yeah.
I sold through a place the other day and the guy was literally running a front business, lol.

Still though, even if you’re a girl you can pay someone to fuck him up. Don’t you have brothers?

Blacks like appropriating Italian culture for some reason, probably the mob aesthetic a lot of American movies create for it.

>What can i do???
you have his address, what more do you need us to tell you? you know what to do

and again, he and his thug friend drove TO ME in the northern suburbs, like 96% white population.

nothing u can really do to him identity wise. hes not going to get a corporate job or anything that a google search would affect.

you cant prevent him from doing this to other people unless you disable him, which you wont do or get someone else to do.

basically you can't do anything. im just glad this happened to you because you didnt die and you got redpilled.

4channers wouldn't last 2 seconds in Chicago, kek. I'm a white guy but I would love to see some of these pale milky MAGA-hat wearing cretins take the red line past the loop on a friday night, or take the orange line to Midway on a weekend. They'd literally piss their pants.

I'm down lol Southwest side here. You? And no, I'm not black.

While it’s true a certain percentage of criminals go outside of their own area to steal/commit crime... the majority are too lazy to bother
Let’s be honest.

Especially people willing to steal from you I’m broad daylight in a public place. They have no shame. They will steal from anyone anywhere. The only solution is to teach them a hard lesson so they don’t steal you from again. Because they will steal regardless.

stfu idiot, im starting a cryptogang in chicago and youre 2nd on the hit list

Have you ever been to the Middle East faggot? Chicago is fucking nothing. Some niggers trying to be gangsters. Laughable shit.

Ok retard. My point is that you have to be aware of what neighborhood you're in so you don't get robbed like OP. Chances are higher of getting robbed if you're meeting up on the southside than in Lakeview.

Yeah that's too bad that the cops can't do anything about it. If they had a weapon it's aggravated robbery and the cops would give a shit, but seeing as it's just attempted larceny and you got your money back, there's really no reason for them to put a charge on these guys. If you can show that they're trying to do it again, OP, you should alert the cops then, because that'd be a good case

being during the day, in a good area (when i say good I mean average home price is like 400k), him providing proof and everything. Im still shaking from thinking about what happened.

nig goblin?

>I'm from Chicago wise guy
Fuck off faggot, I lived there too, it's not some trip through Liberia it's taking a subway ride on some grimy train filled with tired angry people. If you think your tough for tolerating nogs then Boers can probably could probably walk through fire unscathed at this point.

Can I join the gang?

I live in Roseland

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Dw op I'll pop a cap in this lil nigs ass

Then I'll pop into his homies ass

>predominately white area
All that does is decrease the odds that a random person robs you while you're waiting for the black guy to show up and rob you. Did you think that guy was going to be on his best behavior because he didn't want to make a scene in front of whitey? Being half a mile away from a police station didn' matter, did it? He was long gone before they showed up.

This. I try not to be racist in my daily life, but if a black shows up for an in person crypto trade then the deals off.

>buying BTC
>in person
>off a Craigslist ad
>from an urban youth
>as a 90lb female
>in Chicago

lol just lol

I got my money back (under a thousand) but this is a LOT of money for me. and I would have been devastated, this was my first time trying to buy some OK amount of bitcoin. I had a friend send me 100$ before but he is not in bitcoin anymore.

Wait... 90 lb girl? Lol look at the fucking hand in the pic. That person is obese. This is a bullshit LARP, guys!

>t. nigger larping

if that is your hand in the OP pic then you are fuckin la creatura and 0% chance you are 5'2" and 90 pounds you ogerish nigress

>90 lb girl
>ran after him
Oh pee is a larpfag

he had a post on craigslist and a link to some local bitcoins ad, i thought he was OK and everything seems good until he almost took my money

crypto lets us live the libertarian dream of free association. it's finally ok to be racist again

looks like op has to prove her blackness

You can read through my posts ITT, I'm pretty clearly a white guy

>hurrrr you ever been to ____? Chicago ain't nuffin!
Yeah ok dipshits, I'm sure you'd be fine running around Englewood calling people niggers. Fucking white trash.

i guess maybe instinct to try to get my money back? he dropped his wallet and my envelope when people tried to grab him.

I live in Englewood, so i got you beat.

Of course they mostly commit their crimes in the ghetto where they live, that doesn't mean they'll suddenly stop doing crimes when they're in a nicer area. The logic there simply doesn't make sense. That's like saying you feel safe having a pedo watch your kid as long as it's in a nice area.

So is that your hand in the pic?

if it matters I'm an irish girl.

"I'm literally shaking right nowwww""
You're cute desu lmao
Don't be stupid next time bring a guy with you and/or a gun

Let's get drinks some time, on me

So who's big, fat, black hand is that?

>I'm sure you'd be fine running around Englewood calling people niggers.
I'd last longer in their neighborhood than they would in mine you mayate.

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You're fucking stupid, that post doesn't even make sense. And I believe you're white you're a typical snobby WASP elitist, bet you say shit like "if you went down there to X those blacks would kick your lily white ass" trying to live vicariously through their violent acts kek. And no Chicago is a fucking meme at this point, try living in Detroit and having your fucking car break down on Devils Night in the middle of a shitty neighborhood, then you can talk to me about being Mr. tough guy kek

broad daylight
nice area
at LEAST 20+ people in there
police station no more than a half mile away
he showed "screenshots"
everything seems OK (unless the fact that u say he was black, but i didn't know ahead of time and he went by GIO, thats an italian name,

someone at starbucks who picked up the wallet and envelope, everyone in there was super sorry for me and tried to help me but we didn't get the guys

Are you racist? Native Irish were originally black before they were colonized.

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You live in either Skokie or Evanston.

Ogerosh nigress fuckin kek

How am I racist for saying the word "black"? They're called black people.