Holy shit it's actually dying

holy shit it's actually dying

jesus christ

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>there are people who bought at 1.4k and are still bag holding

Lol. Imagine.

Our safe haven is pooltrade

putting our money together is the best option

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I hope AIDS skelly is going to neck himself.

This is what I had planned, but it's looking too weak, I may buy once if it gets inside the box and if I buy again it's on the way up.

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Eth is an indicator of btc. It mooned faster than btc, it sinks faster. Enjoy your valueless monopoly money

When all the ICOs start dumping this to ensure they can fund themselves. $100 EOY


All altcoins are scams.


It's not dead until it's too cheap to mine.

>tfw the "back to $300" wasn't a meme,

Once its at the 200-300 range, it'd be an excellent coin to day trade with.

RIP most overvalued coin in crypto. Fucking joke that VeChain has more real-world businesses using their ETH fork than Ethereum itself. Not remotely saying that VeChain should have Ethereum's market cap either, it just goes to show it hardly deserves its place.

So it will go sideways for another two months on this lvl? Great


Brainlet tier
>vitalik is a commie pedo
>smart contracts can't work by design
>pos will never come out
>nobody wants the tech anyway

Bartical Analysis tier
>the market follows BTC
>healthy correction after the 2017 run
>consolidation for a few months before next pump

Misguided tier
>ICOs are dumping
>the Eos crowdsale marketsells their ETH
>investors are buying Zilliqa/Eos/Cardano

Redpill tier
>bitmain ETH ASICs have been silently mining for a couple months
>tethers have been used to manipulate the price upwards thorough 2017

Enlightened tier
>ethereum is a revolutionary technology that stands to replace the entire legal and business infrastructure and its organic price could reach the hundreds of thousands per ether, but the people involved are human and corrupt. the dao could not be a one-time event because reality is cyclical and the existence of a precedent makes its reccurence inevitable. eip-867 heralded the end of eth. parity will keep pushing for a bailout and will get it, and the great minds of ethereum will quietly move on to another venture while leaving the network a fraction of what it could have been

>Buy my VEN bags
Fuck you

>unironically bought at $420 earlier today
>it's still dropping

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So, ETH doesn't look like a buy to you?

VEN bags? Ahahah, they're locked away on my hardware wallet, I've got an X Thunder Node, I ain't selling shit until 2020.

I just said that box is starting to feel optimistic, I'll make a buy there, but having 2 months to choose a bottom may be a problem.

This is just regurgitated dumb-ass crypto shit. Man, I hate it. Just so full of bullshit....so fucking stupid....oh, man. I really, really hate you dumb fucks, but you're the only reason this shit works. When the type of people who post that kind of dumb shit figure out what's really going on with all of this, it'll be over. I just need a little more time.



This is what you get for stealing our gpus you fucking niggers.
Now go back to school.

I see a few issues with that.
400 level is obvious massive support, and you agree that a break of that level is likely, I say it's almost inevitable atm
a break of resistance that big combined with basically no signs of overall reversal means that it is likely that a break of that level will cause the bottom to fall out and panic moving us down, with support level at 340, but with size of move and 3 tims price respected that support/resistance level it could very well break, and below that we have support from the 310-285 trading range, which is a more realistic target and I have a tiny buy right above 400 and my first decent sized buy at the lower end of that 310-285 range but depending on whether we see signs of reversal or not, a break of that range would have us looking for support which I don't see until 230, with support at 230 level, 185, and 150
aim to take size at these levels, and I'd be quick to take some initial profit from a buy anywhere above the 185 level, as of course, all these support levels will flip to resistance levels.

there also looks like something at 250 but for some reason it doesn't look like a very good level, but could have some psychological significance from being a nice even number

use fairly tight stop-losses and focus on taking profit as price retests big levels for anything above 185, for 185, don't worry as much about taking profit as soon, but remember that depending on reversal signs it might not be the end. at 150 take position hold on for dear life and pray because if that doesn't hold, we're permanently fucked, we've lost, patient big players will take control of entire market and only levels below 150 are around 90 and 40-50
and below that ETH might as well be dead

I dropped 2k during my wageslave lunch break when it was 450

I wasn't even wanting to hold it-just wanted to dump on some erc20 by the time break popped up

I hate people who can't explain themselves even more.

The point is that you don't know what I'm talking about. I need you to stay there.

Be careful, as if it drops below 400, theres no strong support until 120. And 20 after that.

As crazy as it seems, you know it's the real deal.

(I'm not saying it won't bounce in a weaker support, but be aware that they may not hold)

That's fine, if it breaks 300 it really goes to a very ugly situation where numbers barely anybody would have taken seriously 2 weeks ago are absolutely on the table. I have stoplosses on everything but I like to give them room because I don't really trade too often.

bch is worth more
let that sink it

>Doing TA on ETH when it just follows BTC on the way down.

The only reason the ratio drops is because of ICOs and ETH is known for it's weak hands. This won't stop until Bitcoin is

>he doesn't understand that this is what all methheads were waiting for

Even if I buy it with dollars my objective on that buy is purely increasing sats after a while, there are more months to trade and I'm fine with making some buys over the bottom.

mETH addicts on suicide watch

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Couldn't read all the TA stuff, because you guys aren't there yet. It takes a long ass time to build that skill up, so I'm not hating on you.

730 Here. Can't even look in a mirror.

It’s 50 times more profitable than Bitcoin, in absolute terms (if you have infinite hashrate)

>Down 50% since March 7

32 times, my bad

You were there when Ethereum was $400.

You breathe now manually. You look at your hands. You realize that THIS is now. Some years in the future, remember: you had the opportunity. You had it within you. You were given the chance, but you declined. Screencap this. This day, this week, this is now. It doesn't matter if it dips a bit more. Did you buy Bitcoin at $56 or $67? Does that really matter compared to $50,000? On this day you realize it, on this strange board.

You were there when Ethereum was $400.

no practical use for ETH

this is unironically me

Where’s the flippeningu?

> be me
> sell of all my alts in the ETH pair at around 450$
> plan was to finally sell off all my crypto to fiat when the ETH pump comes
> the pump never came