Thoughts on Stacies?

Thoughts on Stacies?

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wrong board and she's a feminist cunt
stop posting non-business shit cuz you're a thirsty loser in life.

That chick is not a stacie


>you will never cum inside of her

I love Stacey and her mom.

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She looks like a 15 year old boy you pedo homo faggot. She’s not a Stacie and never will be. Pic related is a Stacie.

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i dont like mutts, they make me feel dirty

They've got it goin on

Looks white, maybe Italian, to me.

she aged so poorly wtf

I have fucked maybe 90 women in my life. I guess 2 or 3 of them were actual stacies. Feels bad man.


Yeah time to weed out posts that have nothing to do with related boards.

>he still thinks real Veeky Forumsnessmen stuck around after the great /pol/ & /r9k/ migration.

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>calls this a stacey

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cant stand seeing this man hating feminazi that goes around talking about uhhpressshhhunnn when she's one of the most privilaged twats on this planet. Even dating a tall prince or some shit but yes tell me more about how men are bad and females are good emma I love when privilage ugly sluts tell me how bad I am for existing.

and even if those pics are legit of her nudes she's still a flat chested fuggo

I agree, but there's millions of pic related that would clean her butthole with their tongues.

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I'd still whip my wand out for it

whoever made this is blind


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Shes not Stacey shes hermaione

Tsk, I have more tits than her, and I'm a man, just saying...

Trust the autistic anons, anons.

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She's not gonna be able to hide it as she gets older. That chick a dude nigga

there is no such thing as staceys or chads
its just a narrative you guys made up to make reality fit in your skewed worldview
its just like how people who fail at something come up with a conspiracy that explains why its not their fault they failed
I have to admit that if you are attractive life is easier for you, but its not as black and white as some of you autistic anons think

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