Predict when the bear market will end

Predict when the bear market will end.
First green ID with dubs gets it.



September 26, 2019


Sept 23rd, 2023

1. April

May 16 2018

Next 24 hours

1st week of April

First of may

When all hipsters die

Does this shit count as green?

The fuck are you talking about OP?

Bear market is just getting started, look at that juicy death cross

No, but nice dub dubs.

mid 2021



April first



No rerolls. b&

Early May. Repeat of 2013 reversal.

April 16th 2018

This is the closer to a bull market that we'll see in 5 years.


June 10th

1000$ BART EOY

getting bogged until May


in 24 minutes


are you colorblind?

July 4, 2018





It will crash with no survivors in the next few weeks. Too many shitcoins and plain scams.

After I ejaculate

So, never.


On my command

10 trillion dollers 2018


The bear market will never end because the bull market will never end.

They do not exist separately, but are forever intertwined in a dance of green and red candles.

The bull, the bear, but man is but an ape.

>jews have no rhythm


Aug 2018

may 2019

never, all crypto is going to $0

It's not

May 8th

50 replies and only 1 prediction reply has gotten dubs, and it wasn't green.
What is KEK trying to say?

By the end of this year when BTC hits $0.

April 20th, mon. Smoke up and get those gains, dude. Also Hitler's birthday. Only appropriate that the kikes are dealt a major blow on such a day.

Aug 17th

April 1st will be a local bottom, don't know if it will be the end of the bear market

Crypto is gonna turn negative. That's right, you'll all owe the Bogandoff's money by the end.

april 7th

April fourth

June 10th

My birthday
Don't worry, we're getting close

still no green dubs
kek wills april

April third

April sixth?

April second

If you zoom out enough, we were never in a bull market.

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April ninth

July 1st

April May?

This upcoming 9/11

April tenth!

June 20


fuck off

Fuck you.
April 8

Khanuary 33rd, 2097 (Martian time UTC)

April seventh


April tenth

april 23rd faggot


April eleventh

May 1st 2018

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April 2

3 months

it won't stop until it hits zero

April fifth

March 3rd, 3030

April 28

April 29

April 25

We're going to zero.

June 6th 2026

Damn off by one
This means we'll never break out of the market

April 26

Once I sell

April 12

March 31


April 20

May 2018