Ummm goys

Ummm goys...

So BMO bank is blocking all crypto transactions

Is this a big bank in Canada? Are we fucked? If other banks like Chase and BofA or Wells do with too, we're fucked.

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LMAO I have BMO, of course they'd pull this shit

Prepare your anus hammer comming down

yes BMO is huge. 2nd biggest bank here I believe

who would have thought this would happen

It's blocking credit card purchases not "all transactions". This isn't new at this point but you're a new dumb fag.

BMO are first class fags

Read the post you dumb fuck.

>this was to protect our customers because of volatility

why the fuck has the rule been enforced in the world

>tfw when you thought you couldn't get more fucked
this is my bank

>sue bmo for not protecting us from previous volatility

They are blocking debit cards too?
Doesn't say anything about wire/ Bank to Bank transfers though.

Fuck BMO they want you invested in their accounts which offer a ROI that doesn't even cover inflation.

debit too you dumbass

BMO is the most garbage bank of the big banks. They're nowhere near TD and RBC. Only used by senile senior citizens pretty much.

Banks are scared for good reason
Hopefully this doesn't go the way of online poker where it gets banned by usa and then it carries the tag of "oh i thought that was illegal" for a long time

RBC blocked my coinbase transactions too. Its fairly normal for banks to get worried about shit like this.

What did you expect? How new are you?

>Canada is gonna crash crypto
LMAO, don't even think those cucks use crypto

I got a call from my bank here in France, BNP for 2 reasons:

1. I'm depositing 800eur cash every day from my US account into my FR account via debit card. It saves on transfer fees and avoids some other shit. I'm getting married/buying an apartment so i've been doing this for 2 years.

2. My initial investment in crypto was heavy in August and September. I put in around 8k buying with a debit card then, and transferred 2k back in the beginning of Feb when BTC went way the fuck down.

So I get a call from my banker a few weeks ago. Ignored it. Then I started getting regular calls and emails. I decided, fine. I'll take this, thinking that they were probably inquiring about all the cash I'm depositing. Fair enough.

She asks for proof of where the cash is coming from - no problem, I can understand why a bank might ask were 800eur/day in cash is coming from.

Then this bitch asks about the deposits I've made into BitPanda and asks if I've bought cryptocurrency. I say yeah, once or twice. She tells me she wants a 'justificatif', or some kind of proof/statement from BitPanda. I don't fully understand exactly why she needs this, it will just show her exactly the money that was deposited from my FR bank, but above all of that WHY DO I NEED TO JUSTIFY HOW I SPEND MY MONEY TO YOU PEOPLE.

She wants me to come in for a meeting tomorrow, so I've moved all of my cash that I've been depositing into my fiancées account in case they close mine - it happened to one of my best buds out here when he refused to give them justification. He told them to fuck off, and opened up an account at another bank.

I also got a Revolut card last week before all this happened, so now I will be managing crypto money with that.

Worst part about banks is that they are big enough to disallow anything to do with cryptocurrency, which will lead the general brainlet population to commonly think that it's illegal.

anyone else have their accounts closed?