Alright Veeky Forums I present to you OC with the hopes of drawing your attention. Unlike most of the clueless retards here, I truly have your best interests at heart, so please just listen to what I have to say. In the next few minutes, I will post 100% true and accurate information about all the top cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap, starting with Bitcoin. Although I truly will do this without compensation, I would appreciate a favor from you Veeky Forums. If at some point I have proven myself worthy, I would like to request that one pic where someone "publicly" apologized to Sergey because some people attempted to forcibly take a picture with him or something. It had four posts and the first two were beautifully written, whereas the last two were mediocre at best.

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Bitcoin - This used to be THE cryptocurrency. Like it or not, Bitcoin is an important bridge between out world and the digital one (at least for now), and it is simply because it "birthed" the value for all of the digital assets in existence at the present moment. I will not attempt to predict what is going to happen in the future. Right now, we truly are in an important moment in the price history of Bitcoin, but whether it goes up or down, make no mistake that it is, without a doubt, the safest investment in the upcoming years. Bitcoin's colossal role as a gatekeeper will cause the prices to soar to heights we probably will not be able to anticipate. To end this note, I would like to point out that if you've noticed on coinmarketcap you can see that right below the USD price is the percentage gain or loss with respect to the asset that originally gave value to it. For example many cryptocurrencies show that percentage with respect to Bitcoin and Ethereum, but notice that it would be of little value to measure gains or losses of Litecoin with respect to Ethereum; also notice how Mobius, which had its ICO on the Stellar (XLM) platform, is measured with respect to BTC and XLM. Try to understand the importance of this not necessarily through and economic perspective, but from a philosophical one; how wealthy truly was transferred from fiat to bitcoin to your favorite altcoin. Do not underestimate the fact that every single cryptocurrency is valued with respect to Bitcoin. Don't go anywhere folks, next up is Ethereum.

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This is dumb and a waste of time.

Geep going i like post like this, help feel not so aloneeww

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> I truly have your best interests at heart,
lmao stopped reading there

Bitcoin is really the safest option at the moment. Once actual adoption comes (I mean, there will be people using cryptos to regularly buy groceries), only then Bitcoin will start to fade away. When will adoption come, no one knows yet, but it will be very visible to people interested in cryptos and a clear sign to switch your BTC to something else.

Ethereum - This is truly worthy of the title of a "world computer". Ethereum is a generalization of Bitcoin in arguably a very intuitive way; if Vitalik Buterin hadn't thought of it, someone else definitely would have eventually. I will not pretend that I understand the complexities of blockchain technology and I do not mean to undermine the incredible achievement of Buterin. Ethereum allows you to execute what is rightly advertised as unstoppable applications. Ethereum incorporates the Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM that is proven to be Turing complete, therefore allowing you to execute programs of indefinite complexity. This is an amazing achievement, one that will undoubtedly go down in our textbooks and I have no doubt Buterin's name will be preserved. Ethereum has solidified itself as an tried and true way to raise venture capital, assuming you execute correctly. Ethereum is a solid investment for the future simply due to the fact that you can be sure that it has become an indispensable part of the cryptocurrency market (at least for now) as a substitute to traditional methods of venture capital. To end this note, I would like to point out that even EOS issued an erc20 token, even though it should be obvious that the "real" token for EOS will be incompatible with the Ethereum blockchain. Do not underestimate the worldwide impact dapps will have on all our lives.

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Don't go anywhere folks, next up is Ripple.

Do ltc no one gives a fuck about cripple.

Ethereum is the future

Also stupid, time wasting pedantic drivel.

Keep these posts going. Bring some rationality back to Veeky Forums. Application use of crypto is what the focus should be on. Getting rich should be the last thing. Everyone can make money, but not everyone will make (an) Ethereum. Some of us are just gifted with these capabilities.

Ripple - This coin is, without a doubt, going to revolutionize the way banks around the world transfer money. I truly do not want to present information in a biased way, but I would be remiss if I did not mention that, while this is often advertised as a cryptocurrency, it clearly is not. Ripple is currently an ongoing experiment to allow very powerful banks around the world (mainly in Asia) to transfer money using all the advantages blockchain technology has to offer. The reason it is not a cryptocurrency is because the definition of "cryptocurrencies" derives from Satoshi Nakamoto's vision for Bitcoin, which was a solution to decentralization. Ripple isn't open source and is centralized, with 100% of the tokens created at inception. Ripple is a great investment for the future because it has clearly cemented a prosperous future with its massive partnerships with banks and influential institutions (mostly in Asia). Make no mistake that Ripple will be a massively disruptive force in the world of financial technologies. To end this note, I would like to point out that relatively recently, CNBC aired a segment on television showing step-by-step instructions on how to purchase Ripple. If you didn't believe in cryptocurrencies in 2008, that was understandable. If you don't believe in cryptocurrencies in 2018, it's because you do not understand them. This digital transformation is inevitable and a lot of wealthy and intelligent people realize this, and they are attempting to position themselves accordingly for the coming revolution. Ripple is one of the many attempts by the elite to retain their dominance, make no mistake.

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Don't go anywhere folks, next up is Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash - This is a "hard fork" of Bitcoin, and arguably the only successful one; indeed its success has become so undeniable that even an influential developer for the "original" Bitcoin (often referred to as Bitcoin core) has publicly admitted that Bitcoin Cash is worthy of recognition as a legitimate competitor, even though it clearly was against his best interests. Bitcoin Cash is the proposed solution to Bitcoins scaling problem: it uses 8mb blocks. This solution is embarrassingly obvious and definitely does not present anything revolutionary in terms of technology. From the very beginning it was obvious (for technical reasons) that due to the nature of the open-source code of Bitcoin, that it could be forked by anyone at anytime. It has been theorized and supported by empirical evidence that subsequent forks will detract less and less from the market capitalization of Bitcoin. Forks are an inevitable effect of the fundamental nature of these open-source protocols. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin Cash is a successful hard fork of the Bitcoin network, but I would also like to point out other arguably "successful" hard forks: Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin United, Bitcoin Private. Bitcoin Cash has thrived not on its technological innovations, but clearly on brand recognition and therefore, I am unsure if it is a good investment for the future.

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Don't go anywhere folks, next up is Litecoin

Do ChainLink and VeChain

Still waiting for LTC

Litecoin - This cryptocurrency is one of the oldest, and its age is a testament of its dependability. It is without a doubt a blatant clone of Bitcoin, but it is important to mention it is not a fork of Bitcoin. This is by definition, since the Litecoin blockchain does not include a subset of the Bitcoin blockchain; it has its own genesis block. Litecoin is notable in that it only has one creator (Charlie Lee). Being present at the inception of a digital asset can be very profitable and, being a one-man-team, we can be assured that Lee has amassed incredible wealth from his endeavors. Relatively recently, when the price of Litecoin rose very sharply to over $300, Lee publicly admitted to having sold all the Litecoin he had. Even if we assume he didn't sell 100% of his holdings, it is very probable that he sold a large percentage of his digital assets, since it is not in his best interests to make these developments public. The markets have arguably not recovered from the massive sell-off that occurred after Litecoin spiked to over $300; it was obvious this was overvalued and after Mike Novogratz (an influential investor) publicly announced his opinion to sell Litecoin it has been on a downtrend ever since. Litecoin is definitely a solid investment for the near future because as long as Bitcoin continues to thrive so will Litecoin; it has been successfully introduced as a reliable and faster alternative to Bitcoin. To end this note, I would like to point out that the way we perceive an idea is of incredible importance. The overwhelming majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts repeat time and time again: silver is to gold as Litecoin is to Bitcoin.

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Don't go anywhere folks, next up is ur mom.

What about QASH, SKY, IOTA?

Don't go anywhere folks, unless Cardano suddenly pumps, next up is EOS

Anyway to doxx OP so we can disembowel him?

this faggot is fudding crypto because he is so stupid that he needs a wallet chained to his hip or else he can't carry cash

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EOS - Spearheaded by the very influential (in the cryptocurency space) computer scientist Dan Larimer, EOS is a project still in development, but its roadmap is definitely ambitious and the promises are tantalizing. Firstly the experience and talents of Larimer can hardly be overstated; having founded Steemit (social media platform incorporating cryptocurrencies), Bitshares (decentralized cryptocurrency exchange), and now
EOS (a cryptocurrency ranked number six in the world with respect to market capitilization), Larimer is undoubtedly a formidable researcher, investor, and developer in the world of cryptocurrencies. EOS is often compared to Ethereum in the sense that it will be able to execute smart contracts but it is boasted that it will be able to scale much more effectively. Arguing that, since Ethereum treats all transactions as equal in the order of execution, Larimer claims EOS will differentiate authentication from execution and execute operations in a truly parallel manner; overall it is purported to be an "ethereum killer" and, while the claims made by EOS are bold, it is widely considered by institutional organizations as a very good investment opportunity. To end this note, I would like admire Dan Larimer with the observation that it is undeniable he was involved with the development of Bitcoin in its early stages. Very clearly he and Nakamoto wrote to each other back and forth on bitcointalk where Nakamoto first introduced Bitcoin to the world. In fact, there is an ongoing multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Craig Wright, another computer scientist that was undoubtedly involved with Bitcoin from its inception. It will be very interesting how this all plays out.

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I would like to continue, but I am really tired and I am pretty sure I am not thinking as clearly as I could be

I don't know why I did this. I just thought about how Ugandan Knuckles' stereotype was phonetically ambiguous and I replaced "way" with"gwei" and I thought it was funny. Admittedly I wanted to write about cryptocurrencies in a coherent manner as a way to test my very limited knowledge of this space.

Dude well done, I enjoyed it. Ignore these other cunts.

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I don't know how many people are going to actually read this, but I would like to remind everyone that is new to this horrible website that, every now and then, someone is actually trying to help and is presenting information they truly believe in. I'm going to sleep now. If you want to truly never have to worry about money for the rest of your life, begin accumulating this coin Veeky Forums. You will never have to worry about money ever again, I promise.
Goodbye forever.

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Heheh you left out the part about them having ibm and microsoft on their website as listed partners, somebody got into contact with those companies and now they're no longer listed as partners. The bags are heavy op but you should have done your dd.

You’re basically an idiot. Go to sleep

Buy Internet Node Tokens and tell all your friends and family that they can receive at the very least a large influx of cash in the relatively near future, if not a downright life-changing amount of money.

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Yes your right losing 90% of my investment would be a life changing amount of money. Sorry op those bags are yours to carey. And remember this, you bought those when ibm and microsoft we're priced in, now they're out of the equation. This is going to be one long hodl XD

Let's see what you have to say for TRON, it seems to be holding up right now while almsot eveyr other top 100 coin bleeds

Good thread OP, keep it up.

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