im wired af on cocaine just got back from a lit party waassup bros AMA

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kys degenate

Do you have lots of nosebleeds and/or cocaine shits the day after? Like solid black shits like I used to have after a night of blow.


It's all your fault

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Hey man I just want to say with the most genuine heart I have been exactly where you are. If it’s not a regular thing cut it out right now but if you’re going hard bro it’s not worth it. Life can be rich and meaningful without toxic chemicals shoved up our noses. We are all one and truly united through the unconscious human mind system. God is simply All That Is. We are in a polarity integration game right now and it’s particular dense in the timeline but the vibration is increasing :) we need you to awaken to your sovereign and infinite self my friend. This body is just an interface to interact with the physical 3D. You are infinite spirit. But Cocaine is destructive and will make you feel separate from ALL in its abuse.

Doesnt coke make your dick super small forever?

Coke sucks. Enjoy the come down!

my nosebleeds a lot yeah desu its sorta scary

word bro, ive noticed im getting addicted slowly so im gonna stop soon, its just such a great drug. it makes me feel amazing and i socialize the best, fuck bitches etc, it makes my life easier

it makes it hard to get hard when im fucking bitches which can be embarrassing

comedowns suck desu but its so worth the high for me at least

Be honest. Are you high right now?

i know this isint finance related but i wanna socialize w my Veeky Forumsbros, i love u guys

I think you've done enough bumps for today

i dont get it

Just stop it now fellow Veeky Forumsnessman. I’ve been there and done that and it just fucks your life up long term. You’re better than that. And if not, being on coke isn’t gonna help you figure out how to get better so you don’t feel like you need it.

Replace coke with kratom (while it’s still legal).

Coke is just unsustainable. It’s unhealthy, expensive, and short lasting.

Kratom is natural, euphoric, cheap, and harmless.

Thank me later OP.

Just take black seed oil with it if you get any allergic reactions.

what kind of high is it?

Not really a high. More like a life enhancer / natural anti-depressant. Kratom makes you social as fuck, more interesting, and just engaged with life.

/r/Kratom is a decent resource even though those guys are kinda normies.


Do u feel the drip? God I miss that shit

yeah i love it desu even tho a lot dont, my favorite part is gumming desu

opium is natural

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whyd u stop?

The numbness is nice.
My game is all that but the powder helps that shit major. Woman love coke they feel god tier and horny AF on that shit.

yup, desu if fucked a lot of bitches with coke as an icebreaker

This autismo thinks that Kratom = opium lol.

Do a google search brainlet.

Kratom hits the mu opioid receptors. It’s an opioid antagonist. If anything, Kratom helps people stop taking opiates because it’s so much healthier than any hard drug.

He means that opium comes from the poppy plant. So it's basically natural, like kratom, yet they are both addictive.

Still not a fair comparison at all.

I mean Kratom is addictive in the way that coffee is addictive.

That’s a much fairer comparison.

Stop ok. Stop fucking comparing it to coffee for fucks sake. It's just a coincidence that I'm going through kratom withdrawal right now and I'm feeling the pain. So don't fucking minimize what I'm experiencing. I'm going through hell right now and it's nothing like quitting coffee. Very much like any other opioid. Go back to fucking /r/kratom and circle jerk some more about how kratom is not addictive. I'm extremely happy that it will be illegal soon!

kek what a loser

Do acid

Fuck I love coke too man
Patricians choice for crypto traders
So easy to get off Darknet with all the bitcoin I have laying around
Keep an eye on usage and have a break here and there
A few weeks break
Otherwise you’ll start coming up with excuses to have a bump daily
Been down that road and it’s not pretty so distance yourself

Watching wolf of Wall Street plus the book and seeing how jordan Belfort turned into is enough to put me off being addicted

cocaine is natural

Fuck you pussy. And you're such a winner huh

look into and try phenibut. phenibut + stim is basically as close to NZT as humanly possible

Who needs coke when you can experience 24hr high stress and anxiety from crypto losses?

Srs every day for me now is like the worst comedown imaginable.

no, but at least im not a loser like you who gets addicted to baby powder
>but muh withdrawal

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Get a load of this guy


watch the movie trainspotting.
im thinking twice everytime i use coke/ketamine/speed.

still use it but it opened my eyes to what can happen.

Take it for 3 years straight and see what happens. I can assure you it's much stronger than baby powder.

Kratom and cocaine is for soyboys. Might as well consume heroin and meth.

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I second this