Who's preparing mentally for inevitable wageslaving?

who's preparing mentally for inevitable wageslaving?

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I feel nothing anymore

i'll die before i go back to that way of life.

Work 5pm to10pm man handling boxes at local FedEx for $12.50 with weekends off. Happiest I've been in a while. No pressure other than to fill up trucks, no phone so no distractions and I get exercise/stress relief. 10/10 would keep working there as payed gym membership

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I would have a hard time reintegrating with monkeys. If my investments failed that much, then there's no future. Maybe I would borrow money to keep buying the dip until prices go up.

How can I get a job there? That sounds great.

Pretty easy just apply and you'll get a call within 2 weeks they run through people like crazy cus niggas be lazy n sheeit. You'll be sore your first week or two but u get used to it but general feel of environment for my locations is laid back and everyones freindly but keep to themselves mostly. Also no drugtests for handlers


only a mental midget would listen to a man who spent his life a depressed alcoholic gambler without any money and devoid of any opportunity.

>throwing ad-homs because you can’t refute any points he made in the quote
t. ragie wagie

Didn't even answer ur question, I found it through indeed but I can't imagine it'd be any different at UPS or USPS so find whichever is closer to you and look for package handler positions.

Think they'll hire a NEET with no work history? (Been "self employed" for a while—NEET)

no, because following the lead of a loser is moronic. if you don't like being fat, than don't eat like a fat man, and if you don't like being poor, don't think like a poor man.

Jokes on you, I get up at 5am ;_;

I wake up at 5 AM and work until 4.

I make decent money. I was actually a lot more self loathing and miserable before...at least now I’m busy and distracted most of the day...it is in my free time and on weekends where my mind takes control and the general misery of life resurfaces.

I feel you. Up drinking coffee now. USA EST

People on Biz all have lottery mentality. They don’t want to actually work. They want to buy ChainLink in the off chance it’ll pull a Bitcoin.

My business partner used to always tell me: Arbeit Macht Frei. It is true, Hitler was right. Some of you guys sit around all day wishing you were rich, but you keep getting fatter and poorer. You’d have more self esteem if you had structure and real income and people relying on you instead of being a 24/7 anonymous online entity wondering how this YouTube dropshipper bought a new Bentley: spoiler alert,he has a trust fund.

Eating oatmeal and trying to relax for the commute fellow EST.
>tfw benevolent overlords *gave* us off tomorrow for good Friday
I'm almost two years out of college and wagecucking has already got me tired af

i don't know how i could even if i wanted to with over a year of neetdom to explain on my cv.

Relax and recharge over the weekend user. Save as much money as you can while young and put of pleasure. Start going to bed earlier.

I used to run my own business and made lots of money, traveled a lot, all at a young age (22-almost 28). I largely suffer from an affliction called Anhedonia and I think it is from placing too much emphasis on material wealth my whole life.

I’m only 29 now so not super old nor wise, but have lots of life experience. Save money and network, even if you hate people like I do. Finding a rich VC guy helped me get to a place of relative financial comfort in my life and showed me in a big way: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

"Arbeit macht frei" isn't a hitler quote nor was it his decision to put it up at the ausschwitz entrance. in the way the nazis used it it was the polar opposite of what you believe it means.

I got my job now after almost a year of neetdom, just hope they don't ask, your other skills (if you have college or past experience) should hopefully speak for themselves. I was lucky in that my employer didn't ask about the gap year so it will vary by employer. Believe in yourself!

I wasn’t trying to give a history lesson and am largely ignorant as to the etymology, sorry, just know it was at the entrance to concentration camp(s) and translates to “work will set you free.”

For people who find them largely occupied in their own minds, I think this can be helpful.

Believe you me user, I'm not intent on slaving away forever. I'm living at home and banking all my income. Going to bed early is the only thing that makes my day bearable.
I'm a programmer by trade so I putz around with stuff on the weekends, just waiting to hit my motivational zenith so I can establish a side hustle into eventual full time endeavor. It's the financial security I'm interested in more than chasing money, thank god for that

This, exactly this.

The awkward part is most of you degenerates are so fucked after crypto that you won’t be able to get into a supermarket never mind tech.

That bragging about holding stinky Linky bags, was it worth it?

I took adderall and other PEDs to “enhance” my motivation for several years. It can be helpful if you have a plan and are strictly using them to achieve that plan (and not getting on the PEDs hoping you’ll find motivation to develop a plan).

This wasn’t without its side effects obviously, but I don’t think I could have functioned and socialized as effectively as I did without them.

I did not mean to attack you. It's just that in a thread criticising wage labour it's bad taste to give credit to a cynical slogan about forced labour bringing you spiritual freedom.

I actually didn’t mean it like that and it was in a sardonically ironic way that my business partner and I used it...but I do believe a busy/occupied mind prevents one from stewing on the negative. No matter how you are employed, as long as you are, you are generally making much more money than you would otherwise sitting online hating life.

>Is upset because us neets with sub 100$ litecoin entry, sub 7 omg entry and sub 25 neo entry are going to be retired by eoy at the young ages of 21-25
And he slaved he's whole life

Work smart not hard

I’m in LTC sub $2, BTC sub $1k, made over $500k on XLM by getting in below 2 cents and dumping at 85 cents.../no larp

I largely get nothing out of “material wealth.” I dislike most rich people because all they worry about are the latest “things.” I got all of those material mentalities out of my system at a young age and now I have anhedonia and am looking for a more “wholesome” form of happiness I guess.

Dream on you fat faggot.
All you will be at 25 is hanging from the ceiling because your worthless even to.yourself.


I can't do it bros

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Not him but I doubt they'd care too much about education or work history for a job like that. The only requirement seems to be the ability to lift boxes and show up on time.

i was a tradesman before trading forex full time and i could never go back

im sure some guys can manage it if they genuinely enjoy the work but it was hell on earth for me. i will never ever go back.

>mentally preparing for working a job
you are worthless scum go fucking kill yourself

I'm using to last of my money to set up an etsy store. Make fun of me all you want there's no fucking way in hell I'm going to make money for another man so I can take home a meager salary.

>implying there aren't jobs out there that require some sort of preparation to be safe and efficient
What the fuck is wrong with you, truly?

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Veeky Forums is filled with niggers who might make fun of you for trying to go your own way, but from one user to another, bravo. Most nigger normies never try to go on their own because they don't know where to start and are afraid of failure.

Who preparing mentally for suicide? Im declaring bankruptcy on my 30k CC debt selling everything then going to live on the beach for a few years

If crypto isn't back by then it's over for me

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Fucking amen.