What's cheaper than outmeal and can sustain your life for months

What's cheaper than outmeal and can sustain your life for months

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Learn photosynthesis

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Is that you, Oatbro?

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Any tutorials ?

Potatoes, beef tallow, lard or coconut oil if you want to spend more. You can skip protein if you just plan to sit or sleep all day

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If you are american and want to survive for a month you only need water.

Go outside into the sun. Visualze yourself veing nourished by it's light (this part is crucial)


Rice and beans

You can buy big concrete bag sized for like $20


This, also dried lentils and chickpeas are dirt cheap, plenty nutritious and can be bought dried in bulk

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you dont need (((food)))


Semen. 26 calories a go AND you get paid to eat it

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Please don't forget to buy multivitimins OP I know they are pricey but think of your health. Some good suggestions ITT but really how can one get cheaper than oats in bulk + water + sugar. Also start farming your garden if you have one, another user suggest potato (pretty good if you can beat the price of oats) you could actually grow those instead.

corn if you live in the US, not sure you will have a colon left by the end though.

buy a fuckton of those shitty instant ramens you see at the grocery store.

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