Lithuanians soon will have lunch break. Act accordingly

Lithuanians soon will have lunch break. Act accordingly

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I need the full background on this woman and any other litho's of note please

what's the meme here? dirtpoor fucks?

I've never met an ugly Lithuanian. True story.

can confirm going right now

What does it mean OP?

p.s. This logan guy is a stupid bitch and can't carry cash unless it's strapped to his hip with a chain.

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would you rather be poor or good looking?

o kurwa

Dalia, They still don't know.
Let the bit corns hit the ground

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good looking.

lithuanians are the new bogs? what does sminem think about this? and what about other poorfags like latvians?

Lunch is finished. Back to dumping alts.

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>He thinks bogs and Lithuanians are different

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Bogs are the bogs and are going to stay the bogs. Lithuanians are the immortal hodlers, they literally have the strongest of hands.

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First I piss in palm and when I will crash your portfolio.

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im curious , Lithuanians, how much money do you have in crypto

28k ath, 10k now. Been holding eth since feb of 2016 still only managed to make that much because literally had no savings when I started.

Nice, I'm in the same boat as you. Had nearly 50k ATH, now down to a little over 10k.
heres a litho version of sminem

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Lithuanian girls in Dogecoin!

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Read that again

what the fuck is the deal with lithuanians and Veeky Forums

lituanians are not real, they are just a meme people

Probably taking retarded risks just for a chance to make it in this (kinda) shithole of a country, is very appealing to us. That's why a lot of people from here gravitate towards crypto.
Just look at ICO origins by country. Lithuania is 8th, overtaking France, Germany, Canada, etc.

What's his name ? He needs to be our new mascot?

chad minedas

>get in faggot, we are saving crypto

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did you just said latvians?

I live in Lithuania negro, it's not that bad. I actually enjoy living here.

>I actually enjoy living here
this desu ne, it's not even that hard if you're kompiuderastas

well how is anything that happens in lithuania relevant, if lithuanians are all just holders?

If you are programmer, sure you can make decent living. In general tho, median real wage still hasn't recovered from pre-crisis levels.

Even worse than that, socially and culturaly this country degraded exponentially over last 3-4 years.

What's the best shitcoinas in the world?

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Oh i remember i once got cucked by a lithuanian at least you're not niggers amirite

You guys should all add him to friends on fb: Mindaugas JonuĊĦas

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what's your excuse?

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>what's your excuse?
Not chad enough

What's his claim to fame? I'd rather some village peasant as our patron so we could make him rich

>I-it's just crashing because Ethiopians are having a siesta
>I-it will go back up

600 eur/month life sucking job here. Tell me your secret, Tadas Blinda

So invest in basketballs?

>gets cucked
>insists to beta orbit and take her back
>sings her a song in public
>absolute shit at singing but becomes a meme singer

This. now he's an activist and a click bait generating journalist
I think he tried to be a politician at some point

ayy lmao he just proposed to his gf 2day

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What do you do? 1k here

1.5 k here, if you somehow earn less, you deserve it

>Sucking dicks for extra 500
thx no, faggot

and what are you sucking for 1k LOL? stay poo
im also a first year student

Im sucking your moms tits. You are sucking your dads dick

Came back to Lithuania after ny studies abroad. Dropped the ball with different academia jobs until I quit and had to start at the bottom bitch position in a PR firm.

Literally the faggiest job imaginable