Why are so many people here so low IQ?

This board was full of smart people before, and now all of a sudden it's filled with dumb people (probably from reddit) who weren't smart enough (I shouldn't even say smart, more like just having a brain) to sell the most OBVIOUS FUCKING bubble in history. If you were early to capitalize upon this market, how could you not fucking sell? I literally sold as soon as I saw Katy Perry and CNBC fucking money shilling coins like Ripple. Crypto is not fundamentally useless you dumb fucks. I managed to sell a mere 3% from ATH while you guys followed the whims and memes of an echo chamber (aka reddit) while not realizing the whole fucking sham was a way for the really early holders (we're talking tens of thousands of btc worth people) to have enough force for their run to continue. Anyone who lost 75-90% of their money deserves to lose it.

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Correction: Crypto is fundamentally useless*

Hi Captain Hindsight

All the "smart people" blew up their accounts and left. The "dumb people" are still making money here shorting.

It’s not even about hindsight. This was probably the easiest bubble to predict lol. You literally just had to wait for google trends to start dropping off. It just goes to show how the average crypto investor only bought because their friends did, saw a bunch of buzzwords, and thought everything would continually go up. So thankful I learned economics much earlier on to know when to sell.

>he wasnt here before crypto

Veeky Forums has always been a shitshow

Yup shorting is still smart. But do you think most people here know how to trade? Lol.

Yeah but I expected a hive mentality on reddit, not here. I guess I had high expectations, especially for a board that heralds thinking for yourself.

Pol invaded and the iq average lowered 20 points.

paid indian shills might be the cause.

I sold about 50% back in January. I could have cashed out more but I wanted to keep trading.

would you like a pat on the back?
you made money and everyone else is dumb.
feel better?

No, it's not even about that. It's just that it took a crash for the bears to come out. Where were all the people who had a negative sentiment on crypto (i.e. knew it doesn't improve anything) but were also invested in it (due to knowing the normies will pile in because of the ponzi like scheme).

What did you expect from valuations increasing for projects that have literally nothing out?

What did you expect from the mainstream media and random youtube stars shilling something they don't understand?

What did you expect when they tried to change the use case of BTC from being used for commercial payments to being used as a "store of value" after realizing it was failing?

It was a ponzi scheme, and it's as simple as that. I remember so many of you hating on Jordan Belfort and Warren Buffet, but you can't deny they were right. Why? Because they understood basic economics. Every overbought asset eventually crashes and the bubble pops, and never exponentially rises again. But if the asset has no fundamentals (unlike tech stocks which grew eventually but slowly - i.e. even in the best case, you won't see a fast rise again, the rise will be similar to stocks), it very, very slowly dips and dips into an abyss. This is exactly what is happening now.

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how do I raise my iq?

Sit up straighter.

Step 1. Think for yourself.

Step 2. Block reddit/cryptocurrency. (Most of you still visit that pile of shit).

Step 3. In a ponzi scheme, buy early and sell as soon as you see shit hit the mainstream.

Step 4. Find the next ponzi

I did all that right but I bought yesterday and I'm down 10%
t. average iq

I dunno. if anything it seems like I should do the opposite

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i knew there was trouble ahead, i just didn't know how it would happen.
was hoping my shit would survive or just dip a little
i thought bitcoin was a bubble at $4000 and sold. then it just kept going up.

when tron and vechain and all this other garbage started mooning i knew they'd crash hard, i was afraid they'd bring down everything else with it.

i sold 20% of my stack... but still obviously i wish i'd sold 80%-100% of it.

Awareness didn't peak and it did not hit the mainstream (i.e. people who don't know anything about it shilling it en masse and people making charlatan careers out of it).

so are we going to $3k? or 0? waht's nex

If no one had sold but held everything would be priced higher hence no bubble, no burst, mkay?

thx just bought 100k