Here we go, anons. The time has arrived

Here we go, anons. The time has arrived.

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it can't be real

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this is it. everything will be okay

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Cancer post

>this resistance

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> BTC will never go below 7500 again

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fuck you green wojaks are just as important to the wojak index ecosystem as any other wojak or smug pepe

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I can't believe how rich I will be after the upcoming pump.


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+60%, more gains with leverage, ~2 week pump

Already bought 100k linkies

Was that the bottom?

Bottom is in, sell orders at 9k

We are clear for liftoff

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OP isn't a wojak though. Not even close. You have to go back.

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We found the bottom
Clear shot to 30k now

90% of those neckbears arent even switch owners. One pic is that no man's sky faggot. Why is Veeky Forums so mad about nindendo's unbelivable success? t. bought nintendo stocks late '16

I have no idea and don't really give a damn about the Switch or any other vidya game system since I don't play with them. I just think the picture is funny and was apropos to the comment I replied to. Make a new one 'shopping out the Nintendo and I'll happily use that one if it bothers you.

I unironically am clean shaven and was given a Switch as a present. I've used it about 5 hours in 5 months.

time has arrived to dump sub 4k?

it's you user

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Dude what are you guys talking about

The only stablecoin is EOS right now

When EOS is bleeding times are bad

Pic related my niggas! :) haha *\o/*

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