Who here knows the next 1000x?

I’ll give you a tip. The guy in the photo is the CEO of the company behind the token

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Can't believe people are still shilling their shitty garbage coins in this weather lmao

QASH world book....game changer.

They better fuckin hurry up before Binance kills their chance. Nobody gives a fuck about Japanese regulations either.

x1000 EOY 2020

Binance the fuckin slippery gypsy.. I know where I’d rather have my wealth stored, in an exchange that’s actually accountable, audited etc..
You are forgetting that the next wave of money to enter crypto will be INSTITUTIONAL.
Please explain to me which fucking investment bankers will use a shitty gypsy exchange that dodges regulation?
There’s a place for both, but don’t think big money will touch Binance

S to spit on Jackie Ching Chong.

Cool story cunt

QASH so comfy

Stop fucking post shill threads... This token will be big regardless of you fucking virgins posting it here. You really think a handful of dweebs will see it and have any impact on it? Look how often stinky is shilled and it's still a shitcoin.

Stop posting about this project, acquire more whilst it's cheap and post your bank accounts later you fucking shitstains

Whats wrong with a bit of discussion pal? To be honest I enjoy the fud that always comes with QASH threads. There’s literally not a solid argument against this coin mooning.
Hurry up and finish accumulating so we can continue our conversation

>binance kill anyone
binance is trying not to get killed itself

We can talk about it without shillings it, this site is aids for any actual discussion. Anyone who knows that the picture is Mike will come here and that's who you want to talk to. You want to hear from other people who have acquired knowledge.

How many coins you reckon will be required for god status ? From the ama it sounds like there will be no nodes. I was aiming for 10k

He's probably the person posting the FUD

I'm just tired of the shilling and fudding. It adds nothing. We're supposed to be the community who this technology grew out of and now I catch a worse case of eye aids

Keep expectations in check for the WB beta next week guys. As far as I'm aware it's just the MMO that's going live. I've seen people post that it's going to pump hard but I don't believe that's the case.

17k qash here hope im gonna make it
Also op youre a faggot for playing stupid games
>hurr durr this ceo gonna make you rich but i wont reveal the name muh secret coin

I'll give you another tip. The guy in the photo is the CEO of the partner company behind the token.

tell me more

But here's my predictions from watching this space.

Liquid.com (purchased for 750k) launches and
I feel like we'll see high expectations met but not in a "crypto is that bbest121221!!!" Way. Hopefully weak hands folding and it dips.

Last chance to acquire before it takes off.

You should be gucci. I have a bunch of shitcoins from before I found qash and before the market crashed that I want to get out of but they're all down whilst qash holds firm.

Kind of sucks, could probably get a few thousand more if they got up a bit.

nice i got twice as much
we are both gonna make it

You in from ico or? Fiat to qash or from other crypto money ?

Very nice user
I guess ill see you at the country club in 2020

Sorry man, just trying to filter out the mongs who haven’t seen Mikes beautiful face.

You shut your mouth, link is superior to all shitcoins.

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so far not much hype in spite of being this close.
no pump means no dump

Ridiculous, I own 0 and still know it's fucking Mike

Got my stack up to 6k now, hoping to make it to that 10k milestone.

Also big Mike throwing around the “30 trillion” figure for total crypto mc when the swinging dicks of Wall Street come to the party. Wewlad

That man is not Sergey.

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I dont think its gonna do much in this shitty market desu
But whatever juat sit in it for 2-3 years and then hopefully we can all buy private islands

Many cryptos are bleeding right now so let's create this thread where you can share your hidden gems what you are accumulating like a crazy!

It’s one of the few coins that has potential to get adaption and it's platform that I could see myself using. And its under the radar.

"Datawallet provides users with a self-sovereign wallet that puts them in charge of their data, and allows them to monetize as well as utilize an asset that is rightfully theirs. It empowers developers to leverage a completely new data universe to build the most advanced applications ever. And it provides companies with insights that will boost their operations on a never before seen scale."

Tim Draper and Marc Benioff listed as investors.
and these billionares investors are active, actually, Tim Draper has mentioned Datawallet multiple times in his interviews on last months.

from telegram group:
On the topic of Marc Benioff - we were actually his last personal investment before he started only investing via his fund. The team also just recently met with him in Davos during the World Economic Forum. However, he does have a billion dollar company to run which we very much respect - but we do hear you!

It has really all-stars team with really low marketcap - trading right now only in Bibox & Cobinhood..
At the moment, i'm writing this, marketcap is only 12.5m

to being said, more exchanges are coming soon.

DXT is GDPR compliance.
Team is based in USA.

Ico sold-out in just one day! (40mln$) and because it was during a bear market, price has already dropped -80% since ICO.

Partnerships Datawallet is already partnered with FintruX, Steemit, Indorse, Bancor and Fresh Digital and Kochava

+ weekly updates!

and, they're in discussions with their lawyers about buyback . if they do that (like aragon & naga & DBC etc..) that affects to price too.

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if he wasnt mega bullish youd think he do all this shit?
30t is conservative

Guys I fucked up,
I bought 20k of QASH on huobi and now want to transfer out into my wallet however I made a mistake when I made my account. I put the wrong nationality (When I was signing up I thought it was asking for place of residency, not my nationality). I contacted support and they said it's impossible to change and so I can't verify my ID and have higher withdraw limits. So I'm stuck at the 200 QASH withdrawal a day with a 1 QASH transaction fee.
It's going to take me 100 days and 100 QASH to get my QASH off of this fucking exchange

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I just happened to be browsing the Qash website for the first time a couple hours ago so I recognized him instantly.

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Where are you from ? I'll hold it for you user

Nice irrelevant pasta

Qash Ven Nas The holy trinity!
Mike, Sunny and Hitters the gods of crypto. If you researched all these coins and filter out the noise. You don't care if it all goes to zero tomorrow. Because you know in 5 years this will be sooo fucking big. AAAAH Feels good. Luck is when oppertunity meets preparation faggots.

Sucks dude. Gate.io is so much better for QASH then transfer to Quoinex cold storage

Yeah, looking on the bright side of at least there's a limited withdrawal limit,
>mfw in 3 years QASH is $1000 and I spent $100,000 on transaction fee's

>then transfer to Quoinex cold storage
Can you elaborate on this for a brainlet please desu. I'm planning to make my first QASH purchase on Gate tomorrow.

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Quoinex and Qryptos are QUOINE's two exchanges. Rather than a hot wallet on the exchange they store everything in an offsite cold wallet. Basically making it more secure as hackers can't access it. It does have a downside of everything taking longer to Deposit and Withdraw, since it's all done manually. It takes two working days to Withdraw for example (no withdrawals on weekends)

You'll see this fudded as rubbish and a waste of time but they treat your crypto like you'd want them to treat your gold.

Sounds like a fucking invoker spell or some shit

So who else is super bullish after the AMA last night? Mike is such a great speaker could listen to him all day desu

That’s fucked but you’ll still be rich my man

Most importantly, this is the sort of thing that attracts the big investors.

This. My QASH is kept on Quoinex, I think it’s safer than a ledger personally. Just gotta make an account. I would now if I were you, shits about to kick off in the next few weeks and they will be super busy

thanks anons

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You have too kyc tho

Make sure you send it to your qash deposit account. Some silly buggers have been sending it to the qash contract address and they lose their qash tokens.

A safe method is to send 1 token, make sure it shows up and then send over the rest.

Or you could use my refferal link, 3 free QASH each :^)

is that bad. are we gonna get IRS fucked when we make it due to kyc or what.

thank you senpai I will do just that!

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For me it isn't im from netherlands so I pay 2%. Also they are trustworthy. But if you plan on dodging tax it is not the best idea i guess.

sounds like a plan user, opened in new tab for use later, we're all gonna make it :^)

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I'm spending 100 QASH on withdrawal fees, I need to make it back some how

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OOh you are that guy. :D We all gonna make it.

The kyc for Qryptos is the strictest kyc I've seen in crypto so far. Your ID Needs to be a scanned image, not just a photo, and you need to provide a utility bill for proof of residency, also scanned.

Really? I signed up though Quoinex and don’t remember it being that bad. Unless they are different?

They're both linked, if you have an account on one it works for the other so I imagine it'd be the same kyc process

fugg in that case maybe I'm gonna have to store this shit in a trezor or whatever, my ID is expired (and has a hole punch in it from a cop for not paying some outstanding speeding fine, kek) and don't have any utility bills in my name because I'm a basement dweller

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Thoughts on RKT guys? Mike and Nick seem to be working together or working towards the same goal..

I picked up some RKT as it's cheap and if Qash does well then I would assume it will as well.

Looks good. I am intersted too. But I'm 90% Qash Nas Ven so no space. I think i rather get more qash.

Yeah, I did the ICO so got $800 worth for 1 eth. Considering Eth has halved since then It's not bad.

I know they're using Quoines platform but they seem to be really pushing their ICO platform and I love their graphics/design team.

Hopefully Liquid will look as good. I only mention it because RKT is about to launch their first ICO and it's a KYC that seems to be serving plenty of big name cryptos. Mike is always talking about how important KYC is etc.

I think there's big money to be made for Liquid and Gibraltar as an ICO platform. They'll become somewhat like the Steam of crypto.


it just looks so nice.

what was QASH going for at ICO in USD prices?

0.24 USD

I found it at Ath and dumped most everything into it. Kind of sucksz if I'd found it a month earlier or later I'd have 4x as much :(

Nice, a coin ICO utilizing KYC. Yeah, nothing can go wrong there. They won't use your details for profit or anything.

When the cows producing milk you're not going to sell it for meat. I wouldn't necessarily trust them if it were their only source of income but as long as they're announcing ICO's that pay rather big sums to get listed I doubt they'd hurt themselves by doing that.

Looks nice bro. I want in. But i can't have it all:(