Is it better to grow weed indoor or outdoor??

is it better to grow weed indoor or outdoor??

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obv indoor under great lighting

but people do outdoor because you can do it on another mans property / low investment

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Depends on what you want to use it for. If you need it to be pharmaceutical grade, with phenotype consistency, then indoor with nearly sterile conditions and control of all environmental factors is necessary. If you are a faggot who smokes any cheap shit he can get his hands on or if you're just poor, grow in some dirt outside.

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weed makes me like really good at trading crypto daytrading and gives me these trippy business ideas

Yeah, you're never going to make it. Keep growing pot.

I grow about 30 - 40 plants each year in New Zealand, ez money, ignore the "muh drugs" kids.

yea buy high and sell high regardless of market conditions...

i grew up in grow ops. i couldn't have friends over. i was always paranoid the cops would be busting the house and putting my family in jail when i was at school.

we had to live in remote areas without neighbors.

sketchy people were in our lives because one of my family members was a loudmouth social extrovert and liked to network and party.

our houses were robbed twice, i had guns pointed at me, home alone.

my families illegal activity turned me into the strange dude that i am today, and i'm thankful for the life experience and maturity it instilled in me.

how much does that get you?
is it indoor or outdoor? who do u sell to then.

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My dream is to live in some woody mountainous area and just grow some plants in my backyard that would be insane but that's just a pipedream for now.

Outdoor ofc. Following sun and nature is always better. Quality is superior

2 pound avg, I sell in ounces to close people and backpackers, there is huge demand in NZ for weed, more than supply.

All goes into Bitcoin, but only face to face deals, then I can cash out clean money.

That's not true really. Look with indoor you're controlling the feeding hydroponically, meaning you throw in a bunch of chemicals to increase potentcy and speed up growth. Optimized nutrients distributed evenly is not something that nature provides. And since this is Veeky Forums profitability is most important. You want high THC and there is always substantial THC increase with chemically engineered plants.

I do agree with you, that a natural patch for personal use would be ideal. But for any commercial operation, indoor produces a substantially better product.

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Extremely unscientific. You wouldn't know quality if it hit you in the face. The sun and the weather is unpredictable and while plants can survive and reproduce in a natural environment, it is not fit optimal flower growth.

>legal in several states in America
>becoming legalized in Canada and more countries
>billion dollar industry
you must be stupid to turn a blind eye to weed lmao

Thats sounds so good. I just want a bit of extra cash. how should I start? where'd u get the seeds and is it indoor? do u use fertiliser and all that shit

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>implying that legal substances can't be drugs, be harmful to humans or cause people to go to rehab
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Does anyone have a profitable magic mushroom operation? From my experience mushrooms are much easier and faster to grow. Has zero problems with portability, growing materials, and stench. But selling it is about 10x more difficult than selling other drugs.

The scale could be big, looking at gourmet mushroom operations for example. Being legal in Amsterdam, they have some interesting operations as well.

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id do it if it earns me money. it looks hard as fuck tho

Sativas are originally from warmer climates. Some of the founding genetics come from Swaziland in South Africa, Jamaica, and Asia. Indica is grown in warm to moderate climates where they may withstand colder conditions. Hindu kush mountains is where the kush strains originate from.

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its not hard really. you just need to be a patient person. you need a pressure cooker thats the only real expense. make sure you know you can sell them before you invest.

this is what small operations look like rubber maid tub&source=lnms&tbm=isch

buying em

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>chemically engineered plants

You are a fucking retard, sir. Get you some knowledge before you go off spouting shit on subjects you know nothing about on

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No lamp is better than the sun

It depends what you're trying to do.
They both have their pros and cons.
Outdoor - no energy expenses but...pests like a motherfucker. If you don't know what you're doing it's easy to grow boof.
Indoor - costs a lot, hard to get good yield without decent investment, quality generally better, less pests but still pm and other factors.

In the end, you should learn to program. Grow some plants in a tent indoors or outdoors in a small hoophouse
respect. Could always be worse is what I tell myself. Do you resent your family for that upbringing or have you found peace with it?

Please, anons, check my link and take care of your health. Cannabis will wreck your life.

Growphase indoor. Select the strongest of your babies and put them into the wild.

i snatch purses from little old ladies and defecate in public because of my cannabis addiction
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By chemically engineered he obviously meant provided with optimal light and nutrition, fucking cretin

>the absolute state of the UK
Fact of the matter is cannabis is not that bad if used responsibly...if you get carried away and weedude everyday all's not that good. But used in moderation it's benign, even beneficial for some.

LOL at your engineered plant. read some books about hydro and kys after re-reading your post

Indoor hydro obviously. What kind of question is this?

p.s. This logan youtuber guy is a stupid bitch who is fudding crypto and can't carry cash unless it's strapped to his hip with a chain.

He posted his private keys a few hours ago and is blaming crypto for his stupidity.

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outdoors if you can but indoors year round
indoors is not worth it considering how cheap it is

This is a money making board, faggot.

if you want maximum gains you should be growing your weed outdoors in a perfect location. ideally Colombia. cannabis grows perfectly at certain altitudes and certain temps. the coffee belt is basically the cannabis belt as well. plus volcanic soil rich with everything your plants will need. indoor is much more expensive but the controlled environment is what allows maximum productivity. if you can find a location that has the natural attributes that you are trying to simulate, then that's the golden zone. Colombia my friend.

they have actual gmo strains, they get mixed reviews. Also pgrs are a thing.
I wish I came up on his eth....maybe one day.

Indeed it is and this is also the reason why hard drugs shouldn't be on here. Can't make a lot of money if you are schizophrenic or in jail, fagala.

if youre doing that and going through the transportation, getting it to the USA. you would not export weed, so your idea is silly.

It depends how much money you have to chuck at your grow op. The more you spend the higher the possible potency, obviously your skill as a grower will affect the product too.
If you just want some shit for yourself I recommend outdoor and just converting into hash or edibles as you don't want to drop thousands for a hydroponic set up unless you are going to make thousands. Personally I can not smoke outdoor as it sucks shit but making hash out of it is fine.
If you must smoke indoor and you aren't selling, a small closet setup will do. If you plan to sell, a garage with different light set up for grow phase and flowering phase is essential. Hydroponics gives you the most control over what you are feeding the plants and allows you to react to plant symptoms faster.
Either way do not use power from the power grid as power companies can tell through usage patterns what you may be doing.

indoor in hydro

outdoors if you can, the sun produces more colours in the spectrum. The indoor lights (except plasma with an addtionall light) lack penitration and colour.

Also insulate from heat as police use thermals as a tool to catch grow ops. Underground running on solar is the safest option for stealth.

>hard drugs
Now listen up, y'all newfags lookee here. This here is some Grade-A quality bait.
Some outdoor is fine. Some is absolute shit. Also power companies don't care much these days, depends where you live. Still good advice user.

Let me enjoy the devil's lettuce if I want to baka

Yea it depends on the grower but outdoor has a lower maximum potency due to less control. It's like a professional driver can get more out of a manual than a same model auto.

Yeah well said user, I'm gonna steal that analogy..Generally that outdoor will be boof. But sometimes if the grower + soil is good it's tasty.

> thermals as a tool to catch grow ops
This is a definite deal breaker if your area wants it to be.

In my area, marijuana is a large export and so the police do not scrutinize with such measures, it would substantially decrease state revenue.

>Either way do not use power from the power grid as power companies can tell through usage patterns what you may be doing.

If you decrease your household power usage it makes it more difficult for the power companies to detect. Ideally the house would be vacant or minimally lived in. Think a computer and bed in a 3 bedroom house. Again this would differ between locations for how the power companies react. In my area they don't care.


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