How to tell when someone has a <100 IQ:

How to tell when someone has a

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People who unironically "hodl"

Why wouldn't they?

Companies will not make their blockchains. Industries will.

Are you saying any retard can understand that if real organisations want to take advantage of block chain they will take advantage of their own in house resources?

Because if companies run their own blockchains and nodes the whole trustless part is gone. Also the R&D costs for SME companies to make their own is way to fucking high. They might aswel just stick to their own centralised systems in this case.

The whole disrubtive part about these blockchains and dAPPS that are being developed is distributed ledgers where data cannot be tampered with. This enables people, governments and businesses to interact with eachother without being afraid the other party will fuck you over.

When you think about it, lack of trust greatly reduces efficientcy of organisations. Lots of money and people involved in auditing and insurance to prevent fraud and errors.

Data integrity also paves the way of internet of things data being tamper proof which can feed into smart contracts, it also paves the way of things like DAO's (decentralised autonomous organisations) where different companies form a temporary DAO for a specific task like the construction of a house. Where all contractors share the same ledger/systems for finance, ordering, voting and disputes.

t. >100 IQ

People who are banking their entire future on crypto.

Brainlets exposed

>implying people give a fuck about any of that shit

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>be me
>second year of economics degree
>make all the projects i do about blockchain and crypto
>do presentations
>spreads like wildfire
>being offered paid internships and parttime jobs left and right


>“But companies like google and Tesla will just adopt our scamcoins”

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>2nd year econ
>muuh blockchain
What the fuck is this a community college diploma? You should be doing intermediate micro, calc ii and shit?

It's a masters degree you turbo faggot, and yes these things are part of my curriculum among other things. I was merely pointing out that companies are VERY open to being informed about this tech.

So you can't tamper with the blockchain but you can put cp on it I'm sure businesses want to deal with that

If each company runs their own node on a shared blockchain, the system is still trustless

>economics degree
Economics is not cryptography. Blockchain = cryptography and math.

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> second year of my economics degree
>uhh I meant of my two year masters.
Nice try faggot.

if every coin is open source
then why would they bother adopting a coin instead of plagiarizing

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Yep, what's to stop them from forming their own nodes on an already existing infrastructure in IBM's datacenters? OP is retarded. Seems he's the brainlet who has less than 100 IQ.

I've managed contracts in the past. Neither party ever gets what they want and it is extremely hard to manage even the most basic of requirements. As an organisation we understand there are a lot of factors that come in to play when managing a business ie. Stacey is sick every day, we can't fire her because of fair work laws, sorry we didn't make the target. How is a smart contract going to change this?

It wont. It has many software implementations that might be useful. But anyone who thinks it would be remotely useful for that sort of thing needs to spend a day in small claims court.

I'm well aware of that, but my degree is in business developement and not macro economics, the specific name just doesn't translate well in english.
English is not my first language,
>masters degree
nice cherrypicking, doesn't make any of my claims any less true. at the end of the day I'm still winning at life and loving it.

>business development.
You are digging this hole deeper my man. I mean I just dont get why you would LARP as an econfag. I get it's much better than admitting you are a business student right away but come on.

Google is going down right after we finish-off FB
Elon is cool. He can hang around longer.

>thinking I'm seeking approval of Veeky Forumslets

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Then why lie on the internet?

>trying to poke holes through my second language rather than refuting the original claims i made in the first post

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What original point? You dont even know what economics is but apparently firms are sucking your dick cause you sperg out in lecture about it?

Jesus fucking christ user how are you so hang up over the semantics of business and economics. The degree name is commercial economics in my language but little of the curriculum is devoted to macro economics but rather business developement and entrepreneurship.

I was referring to the first post I made about data intergrity, and yes I have a bunch of SME's i do lectures at and stay in touch with preparing them for the years to come related to crypto.

Just because you hate life and everyone, especially yourself doesn't mean everyone else here is user. Holy the absolute stay of Veeky Forums I'm out.. stay miserable.

I'm 10 years in and have worked in multiple Fortune companies. Uni students aren't even seen as employees for 3-4 years. We actively seek you out to exploit you for as long as we can. Everything anyone says to you is to ensure we fool you for as long as possible.

>because im an autistic sperg everyone else probably is too

Man it sure sucks being exploited for 5 times the pay per hour people my age make.

>i do lectures at and stay in touch with preparing them for the years to come related to crypto.
Nah, they'll need an IT guy for that

I can't imagine a company that would con tract a pre-graduate when University's beg to pimp their students out in industry learning courses. I guess you're just that good though.