Mfw you said it's a scam 2 weeks ago at 500 ETH

>mfw you said it's a scam 2 weeks ago at 500 ETH
>mfw you said it's a scam 5 days ago at 2000 ETH
>mfw you said it's a scam it and hits 4000 ETH today
>you fag still thinking its a scam, kek
>stay poor user

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Probably not a scam. Just absolutely shit returns by this point.

>2 gud 2 3u
when they exit scam with your cash we'll press S to spit on grave

omg think of all this money locked up while people think they make money with ETH going to 40$ ;_;

If you put money into this early, it’s because you’re either really reckless or really stupid

Now if you made money with it, good for you, you got lucky. That doesn’t mean investing in things like this is an intelligent decision

it's not locked up, you can cash out any time

If you got in early and get out before the crash? Congratulations, you're one of the 10-20% that will win.

If you're getting in now, and think you're going to win? Good luck, but realize you need 4x the money for each token value 2x

Dividends? Yep, great idea.

You get 7% of the dividends, split between all the token holders.

Early adopters got ~2000 token/eth. Have a look how many you get - then you can figure out your dividend returns (pro tip: not a lot).

Oh, and that story about how you can just hold till zero and make your money back?

Did you really expect honesty in math from those promoting a literal pyramid?

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So pretty much only the top % get actually money and the other 95% have to shill as hard as they can to get out of it?

Well, buying in with 1 eth right now will get you ~99 P3D tokens.

There are currently ~903,000 P3D tokens issued, so you will have 99/903000 = 0.0110% of the token supply, and the same entitlement to dividends.

Let's assume that percentage could stay flat as more investments are made (obviously your share drops, but let's pretend to keep the math simple)

On the next 1,000 eth deposited, you will make:

1,000 eth x .07 (dividends distributed among all holders) x 0.0110% = 0.00767 eth

An early holder will make about 20 times that amount, or about 0.15 eth.

Now, you might point out (and you would be right) even they are not making a lot of dividends from a deposit of 1,000 eth. Especially when they could sell out at a token pricing of 3x, 5x, even 10x or more their initial stake right now.

Once the shine comes off this pyramid, their financial best move is to cash out - as fast as possible. That is everyone's best move. There is FAR more money to be made by selling out and leaving with other peoples money, than by riding it all the way down, and all the way back up (assuming it ever recovers after 90% of those in the pyramid lose money on the first big crash).

Good Luck.

Thx for the math bro.

The shills always just say whitepaper and other bullshit but they never do the math.

your math is solid, but i put in when you were posting this less than a week ago and i'm even already. you're underestimating the growth curve. also when people sell you get a percentage of sales, not just purchases. the best move would be to accept this as a gamble, not an investment. and don't forget, holding 5 tokens provides a masternode and anybody that you shill using the masternode yields 30% of their purchase. update your pasta bra. and don't forget, a mass sell off will be an entry point for all the fence sitters, essentially a reset for the pyramid. i recommend all the ETH bag holders to toss some in and at least have a gamble instead of watching that bag bleed out like a bitch with a period 365. shilling pays, holding ETH doesn't

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So you spend your whole day shilling a product to get some small cut?
At that point just go get a job lol.

Also you are very underestimating that you can get more people fast in this bear market.

i gambled my ETH and it paid off. i shilled to enough people and it worked. here was my pitch..."wow, can't believe you bought ETH while it's obviously tanking" then i provided my link and said DYOR. they bought it. don't hate if i found a greater fool. if you're in a kikebook group or discord with several hundred people that are holding their balls waiting for a bullrun then you'll pick up a few plebs. remember it was sideways for a week with ETH dripping blood, lots of people were crossing their fingers like idiots thinking the bull run was coming

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What you have stated is a common misconception. Yet the reality, of these tokens, and in fact, of any investment, is you have not 'made' money till you sell. That's why taxes are charged on realized proceeds, not on interim share values.

This isn't a new concept to crypto, it's been operating as long as there has been a stock market and manipulation.

You will never meet a poor profit taker, but you will meet a lot of poor workers, who thought they were traders, that got carried away and let their profits run...

PS I didn't 'forget' the dividends, just have pointed out that they are insignificant compared to the change token value.

so if i sell i broke even. no misconception about it. i already used your helpful chart and i can see where i am safe. thanks for that. i just need to make sure i don't get rekt on a mass dump. it's not complicated. if you bring more plebs you get a higher percentage because you earn from their purchase. the dividends are insignificant. the masternode percentage is not. i'm already above water and can sell at anytime. i stated it's a gambe, not an investment....let's be clear on that. pyramids are risky and i put in what i could risk. if i ride this to zero i'm a shit gambler, if i cash out now and take a slim slim profit, i'm an ok gambler, if i ride it higher and take a better profit i'm a decent gambler.

This all reminds me of the results when you ask a room full of people to rate themselves on driving ability, and 90% believe they are better than average drivers - by definition, not true.

There is no one that has put money into this pyramid expecting to lose, yet it's a zero sum game, so every dollar of profit is someone else's dollar of loss. In the end, it is likely that 4 out of 5 will take a loss, 10% will be somewhere around break even, and 10% will be winners.

Good luck to all!

Singlehandedly saving eth.

I'm off this fucking ponzi. Should have done it sooner.

you're wrong on that one kiddo! i expected to get hacked or exit scammed because the last pyramid got rekt overnight. if anybody was stupid enough to call this an "investment" then they should just send their ETH directly to me. it's a gamble, and those odds you posted are basically casino odds. thanks for the chart, the clarity and the best wishes user. your FUD is appreciated and accurate. i like gambling and that's why i'm in this pyramid. my bet slips for the boxing and fights this weekend are about 10x my deposit in the pyramid. hopefully they turn out profitable too.

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>It's not a scam because you can make quick gains

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its not a scam because its not a scam

It's still a scam. Who cares?


>pls sirs buy powh sirs very gurd

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how is it a scam my dude?

Observe how it progresses and you will soon learn what a literal ponzi is

its not a ponzi, its a pyramid, and being pyramid doesn't make it a scam