The bubble burst in Decemer

Several people posted this on Veeky Forums and we were called no-coiners FUD

what you are experiencing is simply the air rushing out of the burst bubble until markets stabilize at bitcoin's true value; around $200

(not some bull/bear/Jew/ whale tactic)

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you just know we're bouncing soon when these posts go up.

$2k, not $200

It was above $200 before this bull market started, its not going to go that low.

Only if BTC and the crypto market in general had fundamentals and actually made improvements technologically. Anyone who can write a single line of code knows for this not to be the case. So, no. It won't. You think people have not tried endlessly to buy the dips? Fucking idiot.

you fools are going to miss your buy in


Its not been that low since 2013, what makes you think it'll drop that far?

his retardation lmao

BTC real value was as a dark market coin. now not even that... only value now is people collecting it and keeping it to use as currency someday and not to probably real world value is less than $100

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It won’t. This post is bullshit

5k would be an ok price imo
7k to 6k is a bit overpriced at the moment


It's overvalued because it hasn't scaled and hasn't done anything useful apart from allowing scammers to easily create tokens that can have exponential price increases based on roadmaps that never actually execute. Combine that with an awareness peak in crypto. Have fun with your bags.

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, its still heavily used in darknet markets. Its also used in places like Venezuela with people trying to avoid their commie government.

Nope, the bottom of every bubble is the ATH of the last one. Did you learn nothing from the last 4 bubbles?

> talk shit about cryptos
> use a stock market cartoon
> realize DOW and blue-chip stocks went to shit
Good job kikestein.

Bitcoin non-speculative or pre-speculation price isn't over 1000$. SELL NOW STOP HOLDING

The crash is going on now

More like ≈100$


I wouldn't even buy a Bitcoin at $100. Never owned one; never will. I have no interest in handing over fiat for a string of numbers that I can't spend anywhere. I can spend USD literally anywhere on planet earth And I can do it anonymously and with zero friction.

Boy. You have so much to learn.. I can not even fathom how uneducated you are to this whole concept.

follow the news not the charts and you will see big players are very bullish about crypto (e.g. goldman-backed circle purchasing poloniex)

even if you're into ta, you'd know all the 'experts' have been saying bitcoin needs one final leg down before things turn around. none of this should surprise you

>not a jew

0 0

>really jogs the noggin

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>he doesn't realize 'dark markets' are worth trillions by lowest estimates
wew lad