User, how has 2018 been treating you so far?

user, how has 2018 been treating you so far?

> Down $80k in investments
> Laid off from two weeks ago
> GF broke up with me last week.
> Gained 20 pounds

MFW everyone around me also feels like shit and thinks I am the one keeping it together.

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2018 will probably also be the year the stock market crashes don't forget that.

Also I'm down about 60k right now and want to kill myself but I'm holding on.

>Down 10k from 30k starting capital
>Failing at school
>Even more hopeless and misanthropic

Still holding up fairly well. Just wish I was a bit younger and could tolerate NEETing again.

>just got back to my ATH on cryptos, by holding an ETH short
>Master's Thesis almost finished by now
>still regularly going to the gym even aside more studying
>looking to buy my first apartment soon
...still, no GF

On the one hand I’m down to half of my ATH and my paper losses total more than I’ve ever made in my entire life put together. On the other hand I’ve still got more than I’ve ever made in my life put together. So I guess I’m gonna count my blessings and wait it out

It's been shitty on this end too user, haven't got much to begin with but I still got faith. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to wait.

We're all going to make it user, all of us.

>down 100k in shitcoins
>dont have enough in retirement funds to worry about losses
>no gf and that trend seems like its going to continue forever
>still got depression, it never went away when i thought it did at the end of last year
>work keeps cutting staff and making everyone do more jobs than they can handle (union boys walked in the other day and the management caved to a pay rise though)
>so tired from work that im eating shit food every fucking day and cant change my habits
>might have sleep apnea from being a fat cunt

JUST fucking lovin it boys

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this is now a JUST thread m8, take your feel good happiness shit some place else

im ready to end my life

> Successful 2017 Quarter 1-3, over 30k profit, 1000% ROI
> lose almost everything during Q4
> under 1k in november
> quintupled funds via LTC in December
> made 10k in ONE DAY when LTC first retraced down to ~$150 late December (without margin, no idea how desu)
> start 2018 with over 17k, most liquid funds ever
> slowly lose over 12k as the months go by
> now back below $500 somehow, FUCK MARGIN

tfw ready to just fucking wagecuck for the next several months

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write a book about your feelings for bitcoin

>Started with weekend meth use , to help with school
>now not in school (couldn't get good classes)
>wagecucking 2 times a week
>doing meth daily or i can't fucking function
>down 40% Initial investment
>borderline NEET and will be thrown out of house if i don't get shit together

fuck this year

This is what the back cover of the book would read:

The worst thing about Bitcoin and 2018 is that pre-crypto my life was fucking perfect. Hit the gym 5 times a week, was making some real gains. Was eating healthy. Had everything going for me at my job. Girlfriend just at my own standards. Then I decide to invest and trade with Crypto. My net worth increased by x5 overall, even at this point. But this shit still has left me feeling so fucking miserable, like some used prostitute, realizing what her life has come to at age 40 while tripping on shrooms for the first time.

>Accepted btc for payments in 2015
>All 20$ payments from then are worth over 700$ now, double that during the January peak
>Just got into alts in 2018
>Up 20k
>Only failed coin is turtlecoin, only lost a couple hundred.

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>fails school on meth
>decides to keep doing meth
how retarded can you be

How much in savings do you have? I was laid off like 5 months ago and have been living on my savings and some money I made off of crypto. Now my money is almost gone, but I'm terrified of waging again since I've known the NEET life

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Sold 75% of my crypto right before Xmas 2017, still have some left but it's not worth much anymore.
Got an easy wagecuck job making 100k a year (Scandinavia)
Got a new gf who's amazing. Bretty good so far.

About 30$k in Crypto, 15$k in Cash. About $2k in monthly payments to make. Silver lining is that I bought almost $12k in Photography gear around the ATH, even decked out my friend who is a Photographer so he could assist me. If the market craps itself even further my only savior from wagecucking would be getting back into the wedding photography business. There's some big bucks to be made, but I'll be starting from ground zero, kek.

Glad to hear that you're pretty well set for now. I'm kinda in still in the denial phase of my situation, but also starting to panic a little bit more each day.

Is meth worth it?

>most of the profit i made with crypto is gone
>gf broke up with me last week, literally the only person i truly cared about
>no crypto gains means can't keep building my racecar
>life feels empty and pointless in general

people are telling me i shouldnt end it here, but i cant see a way out. what do Veeky Forums

Topkek, thanks user

the faps are great tho kek

fuck are you me, got 3k to 33k fell down to 18k back to 30k then back to 12k and slow death to 3.5k now

oh you are losing money user?

many cryptos are bleeding right now so your should accumulate best ones like a crazy!


It’s one of the few coins that has potential to get adaption and it's platform that I could see myself using.
And its under the radar.

"Datawallet provides users with a self-sovereign wallet that puts them in charge of their data, and allows them to monetize as well as utilize an asset that is rightfully theirs. It empowers developers to leverage a completely new data universe to build the most advanced applications ever. And it provides companies with insights that will boost their operations on a never before seen scale."

>Tim Draper and Marc Benioff listed as investors.
>and these billionares investors are active, actually, Tim Draper has mentioned Datawallet multiple times in his interviews on last months.

from telegram group:
>On the topic of Marc Benioff - we were actually his last personal investment before he started only investing via his fund. The team also just recently met with him in Davos during the World Economic Forum. However, he does have a billion dollar company to run which we very much respect - but we do hear you!

>It has really all-stars team with really low marketcap - trading right now only in Bibox & Cobinhood..
>At the moment, i'm writing this, marketcap is only 12.5m
>to being said, more exchanges are coming soon.

>DXT is GDPR compliance.
>Team is based in USA.

>Ico sold-out in just one day! (40mln$) and because it was during a bear market, price has already dropped -80% since ICO.

>Partnerships Datawallet is already partnered with FintruX, Steemit, Indorse, Bancor and Fresh Digital and Kochava

+ weekly updates!

>and, they're in discussions with their lawyers about buyback . if they do that (like aragon & naga & DBC etc..) that affects to price also

welcome to lamboland

Well do you have a job. or no? If you have a job then there's no point in ended you life. That's money you can still invest back into crypto or other things so you can try to make it.

Sensing some positively, stick in there. I honestly wish I had 0$ right now rather than any savings, because it would very quickly make me face reality and drastically change my life. Right now, my net worth, my mood, my emotions will allow me to float around doing nothing for a year if there is another set back.

> >life feels empty and pointless in general

Yeah me too, even suicide seems too pointless to even attempt.

GTFO, I don't fucking care about any crypto opportunity right now.
I am not even gonna look at my portfolio anymore, fuck you.

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>be poor fuck
>started with 250$ in sept 2017 by buying ETH
>put 250 more in oct, buying 95 IOTA
>didn’t really get into crypto at that time so I just let it stay like that
>late Nov, IOTA moons hard, can’t believe I went up $1k in one day, reaching an ATH of $2.6k
>a little later in Dec, IOTA starts dropping
>is a complete moron and thinks I can daytrade with no problem by staring at charts for hours
>down $200 from simply shitty daytrading
>I did not realize how fucking much the crypto market in general boomed in December
>December 22nd happens
>down from 1.8k to undet 1k
>absolutely devastated
>BNTY and DBC gives me some hope
>my 45 XRB that I bought in early Dec for $50 was now worth almost 2k
>some fuckups happen but ath reaches to 4k after DBC bullrun
>also bought some BBT
>then 10th of January happens
>my portfolio gets completely justed, going down to 1.5k
>decides to sell all DBC at 0.3$ for NIMFA(bad idea)
>sell all BBT for EVE
>ever since January, my portfolio had bled to fucking $56

I have given up at this point. Well, I bought some ETH yesterday for cheap tho

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>Gained 20 pounds
sterling? what did you invest in? share your secrets user

>Just found out I have acquired 60k in hospital debt.
>just when i thought i was in the clear from previous 3k debt..
>35k in savings, but want to stash it all into crypto now
>just go the bankruptcy route, and say i lost all savings in the great crash
>only 1.5k in crypto, from 2.5k investment.
>still have job i guess, dont know how to feel from here

Maybe it can only go up from here?

why do we suck so much lol, I swear it's been 3 straight months of bad luck, no matter where I short or long

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>Had 24k
>Down to 5k
It’s all good man

>down 800k
>probably have to get a job now
>GF don't know about my crypto
>Gained 3 lbs lean mass and 10kg in my bench press

still 2 year left of my socialist state sponsored biz economics college degree, confident i'll turn it around before that

down 800k of your own funds or profits? jfc lol, trust fund?

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Hardest part of crypto is cashing out.
Sell now, your monopoly money will only go lower. Not joking.

Down 100k from ath, up 25k from money I've invested, all in all comfy and holding for recovery.

>didn't invest in anything because I knew the stockmarket was at cap
doing great reading these rages right now

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in other words, you have never done anything of conceivable value relevant to this board. gtfo nocoiner faggot

> 2018 will be the year of crypto
Now is your chance user. Compile a database of people who said retarded shit like that and next time you will know who is feeding you absolute bullshit.

How old are you? Get it the fuck together you sound like human trash.

>end it
>racecar not finished

You can only have one. Tap your autism and focus single mindedly on finishing your car one way or the other

Where are you shorting ETH? BitMex?

Down 12k
Laid off 1 week ago
No gf for years
Gained 30 pounds

> be /pol/ack that is too poor to invest i.e. like < 100 Eur. disposable income a month
> start browsing Veeky Forums to get some keks
> start to FOMO for not investing in crypto since it sounds like a fun thing to do
> start falling for the meme of crypto and thinking of ways to save up a few hundred to invest
> broke up with a gf of 4 years, but don't really care

Please Veeky Forums tell me what should a poorfag do? Should I save up a bit and invest in like a month to just leave it for a few years or laugh at you and forget monopoly money for good?

all profits except $10k, been here for a long time

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>Down 90% from ATH
>Failing school
>Asian gf being sent back to china because I'm a poor piece of shit
oh no

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idc, I'll rather go down with this ship and start over.

>making 100k a year (Scandinavia)
Wtf, what kind of job pays that much in Scandinavia?