My mom is telling me to sell all my cryptos right the fuck now

my mom is telling me to sell all my cryptos right the fuck now

she's being very pushy about it...

should i listen to her?

she said i can buy back in when bitcoin is $1000...

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Listen to your mother, Matthew.

>reporting your transactions to mom
Are you literally underage?

Dont listen to her, Matthew, you gonna regret it.

Matthew, obey your mom. She put a lot of work into raising you alone.

are you new?
if you had lurked more youd know that btc will NEVER be below 8500 ever again


lol yes this shit is dead. its internet monopoly money that everyone can create. the rumor goes around.

the only way crypto can survive if central banks create a token of their own and/or crypto gets tied to some real world products. all other coins will die

what reasoning did she give? If there was nothing substantial, then ignore it. She most likely just want to control you and doesn't have your best interest in mind.

Your mom can fuck off, not her money.
Shouldn't have told her you own bitcoin.

There is a high chance she's right actually. Sell everything and buy back in a few months. Crypto will stay in the bear market until nov if not longer.

trading is men's business user. don't bend the knee to that cunt. but yes you should sell, but not because your mom told you and make sure she knows that

you have to respect your elders, respect your mother. And respect yourself. Admit this was a bullshit idea and walk away while you still can

What does your mum know that we don't?

>told he's mom in the first place

Sell the bottom, what could go wrong.

you fuckers don't trade here, you only hope
less than 1% of the people here have an actual plan

>not slapping the bitch

Why are very few women early tech adopters? Look at any blockchain or AI conference, 99% men.

Your mom would have bought at $20k.

Now she's telling you adamantly to sell.

(HINT: This means you should hold)

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Matt my so- do it
Do it and get me a six pack from K-mart